Walnut Leaves Tea – Cleanses the Blood, Lowers Blood Sugar, and Promotes a Healthy Stomach and Liver

Walnut tree is one of the most outstanding gifts provided by Mother Nature. Having such a tree around is an excellent way to purify the air you breathe, and also a fantastic source of iodine. Besides these benefits, its leaves and fruits are successfully used all over the world in order to improve the overall health and heal specific problems.

walnut leaves tea

Why Should You Drink Walnut Leaves Tea?

As it was already mentioned, the multitude of health benefits is the primary reason for opting for this particular tea.

In traditional medicine, the said tea is used mainly for cleansing the blood, detoxification, and fighting against diabetes. Since it’s rich in antioxidants and other valuable nutrients, walnut leaves can detoxify the body, having an impressive effect on the blood and liver. The liver is the main part of the human body’s natural detoxifying system, and it filters and transforms daily an overwhelming amount of toxins.

Walnut leaves tea is used as a successful remedy for diabetes and high blood sugar, too. If you have this type of issue, don’t hesitate to give this beverage a try.

Its amazing anti-inflammatory proprieties recommend this tea for calming down intestinal infections and other inflammations in the digestive system. These proprieties are also beneficial for those suffering from acne, as drinking walnut leaves tea can visibly improve the condition. In the case of acne, you can also go with the said tea as an external remedy, by applying cold tea compresses on the affected area.

When Should You Pick Walnut Leaves and How to Use Them?

Even though you can pick the leaves of this tree throughout a longer period, as you can find fresh leaves in spring and summer as well, the best moment to harvest them is in June. During this month, walnut leaves have the best nutritional value, which means that they can also provide the best effect.

To prepare the tea, you can use them fresh or dried. As you cannot benefit from fresh leaves all year long, you can pick as many as you want and dry them. Then, before using the leaves to prepare the tea, you must ccrush them, so that they can release the nutrients easier.

How to Prepare Walnut Leaves Tea


  • Two tablespoons of fresh or dried crushed walnut leaves
  • One glass of water (around 250 ml)

Put the water in a pot, and then add the walnut leaves. Stir, and then place the pot on the stove. Let it boil for about 5 minutes. Strain the mixture and enjoy your tea. It is recommended to drink this beverage just as it is, without adding sugar or honey.

For the best results, consume 2 cups of tea per day – the first one in the morning (not necessarily before breakfast), and the second one in the evening, for ten days in a row. You can do this four times per year.


Some people are sensitive to walnut leaves tea. In their case, the said beverage can trigger symptoms such as nausea and stomach pain. If this happens to you when you drink the first cup of this tea, then stop using it.

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