Treat Asthma with Homemade Teas

Asthma is a common disease these days. Having trouble breathing is not a very pleasant thing and everyone who suffers from asthma tries to find a remedy that will help them be healthier. In this article, you will find more details about asthma and how to treat it naturally.

The main causes of asthma are allergies to dust, pollen, mold, hay, moisture, feathers or even drugs. When left untreated, asthma can easily become a cause for other digestive and respiratory diseases. That’s why experts recommend the people who suffer from asthma to use herbs which have mild effects on the respiratory system.

teas for asthma

Here are some easy steps to help you treat asthma with natural ingredients. Combine the herbs as stated below and then add 1/2 l of boiling water over them. Let them sit for about 4 hours and then you can consume the tea. Here are the winning combinations:

  • You will need coltsfoot leaves (3 tablespoons) for the basic recipe.
  • You can combine high marshmallows (20 grams) with coltsfoot leaves (60 grams) and regular marshmallow (20 grams).
  • Combine lavender flower (10 g) with marshmallow flower (10 g), coltsfoot leaves (70 g) and coltsfoot flower (10 g).
  • Mix marshmallow flower and coltsfoot (15 g) with coltsfoot leaves (70 g).
  • Mix yellow yarrow leaves and flowers (10 g) with coltsfoot leaves (60 g) and white yarrow flowers (10 g).
  • You will need white horehound (10 g), black poplar buds (30 g), coltsfoot leaves (50 g) and common silverweed (10 g).
  • Mix greater celandine (10 g) with coltsfoot flower (20 g), coltsfoot leaves (30 g), winter savory (10 g) and elderberry flower (10 g).
  • Mix elecampane root (50 g) with coltsfoot leaves (50 g).
  • Combine fir needles (1 tablespoon) and eucalyptus (1 tablespoon).
  • You need plantain leaves (30 g), coltsfoot leaves (30 g), oregano (10 g) and grater celandine (20 g).
  • Combine oregano (10 g) with thyme (30 g), coltsfoot leaves (50 g) and hyssop (10 g).
  • You will need quince seed (20 g), coltsfoot leaves (30 g), anise seeds (20 g) and quince leaves (30 g).
  • Combine mountain pine needles and eucalyptus leaves, one tablespoon of each.
  • You will need anise (10 g), arnica flower (10 g), coltsfoot leaves (50 g), heartsease grass (10 g), elecampane root  (10 g) and thyme (10 g).
  • Combine lemon flowers (25 g) with coltsfoot flowers (25 g), orange flowers (25 g) and coltsfoot leaves (25 g).
  • Mix lavender flowers (10 g) with coltsfoot leaves (40 g), orange flowers (10 g) and rosemary leaves (40 g).
  • Combine corn silk (30 g) with coltsfoot leaves (30 g), thyme leaves (10 g) and coltsfoot flowers (30 g).

You can buy all these herbs from the healthy food stores or from online stores.

Now, you have the treatment for asthma in your house and you can prepare it on your own! If you have friends or relatives suffering from asthma, you let them know all these amazing recipes and invite them to try at least some of these amazing teas.

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  1. Honey is good but only at room tempiture not put in hot tea. It loses it’s benefits in hot tea.

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