Rooibos Tea Can Protect You from Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases

If you are a tea person, then we are glad to announce you we found a way to mix a delicious taste with a boost for your health. Of course, tea has many varieties that can be considered super-foods. Its plentiful health benefits are acknowledged by the medical world. One of the most famous selections is the Rooibos tea. Also known as red bush tea, Rooibos originated in South Africa. Only recently, it begun to obtain popularity worldwide even though the variety has been cultivated for centuries. This tea has a sweet, aromatic flavor though it has a vigorous color. Studies have shown that Rooibos tea contains 50 times more antioxidants than the regular green tea. Another particularity of this type of tea is that it doesn’t contain caffeine. At all! Let’s see what a few cups per day can do for your health.

rooibos tea benefits

  • Cancer-protective Antioxidants

Cells are protected from damage and oxidative stress by antioxidants. Rooibos tea contains an overdose of antioxidants, including aspalathin and nothofagin. These polyphenols were found for the first time only in rooibos. That’s what gives this type of tea its cancer defensive capacity.

  • Helps the Cardiovascular System

Rooibos tea includes a flavonoid, which is a super healthy ingredient. Known as chrysoeriol, this component helps the cardiovascular system. It improves the heart’s circulation, by inhibiting enzymes and fighting inflammation. It also helps reduce blood pressure and decrease the cholesterol levels.

  • Calms the Stomach

If you have an upset stomach, rooibos tea is the solution. It improves your digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. If you drink a cup of tea after a feast, you will notice a decrease of cramps and gas. Rooibos tea is perfect for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Rich in Minerals

As we all know, minerals are essential for a healthy body. Red bush tea contains calcium and manganese, which are crucial for the maintenance of teeth and bones. It also includes zinc, the mineral that is responsible for a healthy skin. Drinking this tea also benefits the scalp, due to the presence of potassium and copper. This way, you avoid osteoporosis, and you can have a healthy, long hair and a beautiful smile.

  • Helps the Babies

If mothers drink rooibos tea during their pregnancy or whilst breast feeding, they add extra intakes of calcium, fluoride and manganese. Therefore, their babies will have healthy bones and strong teeth. Red bush tea can be useful even when you’re changing you baby’s diaper. Apply the infusion on the area and you can relieve nappy rash. If you give them tea to drink, there’s a big change your baby will not be bothered by colic anymore.

Rooibos tea is also very easy to make. Warm some water, then dip a tea bag or a spoon of tea in the cup filled with boiling water. Let is infuse for five minutes. But, if you want to know a secret, the longer you let it infuse, the more antioxidants the tea has. Serve it plain, with lemon or milk. Don’t sweeten it unless it’s necessary.

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