Remedy for Fever, Headaches and Stomachaches in Adults and Kids

The recipe presented below will calm the stomach and head aches and it can instantly reduce fever. This tea is beneficial for every disease associated with fever and for indigestion. Moreover, this remedy will boost immunity and reduce stress and fatigue. This tea can also be safely consumed by children.

Remedy for Fever, Headaches and Stomachaches in Adults and Kids

Miraculous Tea – Recipe


– 2 mint teabags

– ½ lemon

– 1 cm ginger root

– 2 teaspoons of honey (or maple syrup for kids under 15 months)

– 3 cups of water

Put the water in a pot and add the sliced ginger root. When the water is almost boiling, turn off the heat and add the mint teabags. Put on the lid and let the tea infuse for 5 minutes. When it has cooled down, you can add the freshly squeezed lemon juice and the honey or maple syrup. In the evening, before bedtime, prepare the same tea, but replace mint with chamomile. Drink it while it’s warm.


Using mint to ease stomach aches in children and adults is not just a myth. The latest scientific studies have shown that mint does have miraculous healing properties. Researchers have discovered that mint oil can ease the pain in children suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases, including the irritable bowel syndrome.

Mint tea is a great and pleasant way to improve digestion, reduce pains and inflammations, relax the mind and body, eliminate halitosis and stimulate immunity. Mint has a significant effect for the digestive system, thanks to the menthol it contains. This will also reduce fever and inflammation.

Also, thanks to its carminative effects, mint will prevent bloating, cramps and stomach discomfort. It also has soothing and calming effects for the intestines and digestive tract muscles and it’s helpful for diarrhea or constipation.

Ginger has similar, but more powerful effects. It has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that will calm the muscle contractions in the stomach that produce nausea. Ginger tea is a great remedy for an upset stomach and for all kinds of nausea and vomiting.

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  1. I love natural remedies thank you

  2. I will definitely try this, I have had stomach issues pretty much all my life, and have taken enough meds to last a lifetime! Now I try to use as much of nature’s gift as possible. Thanks, I will let you know how it works.

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