Medicinal Teas

The Marvels Ayurvedic Green Tea Does to Your Body

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When it comes to hot drinks, green tea is most certainly the most delectable of them. Besides its great taste, it features a range of properties that are highly beneficial for our health. It has been used for centuries in order […]

Get Slimmer With These Miraculous Teas

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Looking for ways to improve the way you look? In order to obtain that figure you are longing for, tea can be the solution. Tea offers a rich source of natural antioxidants, containing a wide range of nutritional properties. Being […]

Treat Asthma with Homemade Teas

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Asthma is a common disease these days. Having trouble breathing is not a very pleasant thing and everyone who suffers from asthma tries to find a remedy that will help them be healthier. In this article, you will find more […]

The Many Health Benefits of Artichoke Tea

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Artichoke tea can decrease cholesterol and glucose levels, and can also cleanse the liver and help with digestion. High cholesterol in your blood can lead to cholesterol settling inside blood vessels, arteries blockage and eventually atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke. By […]

Homemade Anti-Diabetic Tea

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This recipe for anti-diabetic tea is cheap, helps reduce glucose, acts like a body cleaner and stimulates the liver and the gall. This anti-diabetic tea is one of the most efficient ways of keeping your glucose on track. It can […]

Prevent and Control Diabetes with Elderflower Tea

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Elderflowers (the flowers of elder tree, Sambucus nigra)  have been traditionally used for treating cough, asthma, and all sorts of respiratory disorders, as well as for stomach, liver, and gallbladder aches. Their diuretic and laxative properties were also valued and […]

Dandelion – A Scientifically Confirmed Hepatoprotector

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Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) was traditionally used for treating stomach cramps, hence its scientific name: taraxi – agitation and akéomai – to heal (another etimology of this name is thought to be the Arabic word tarashqun – bitter herb, while the […]