Is Loose-Leaf Tea Better Than Tea Bags?

We all know the numerous benefits of tea. It can successfully replace coffee, and it can keep us healthy. But what type of tea should you use? Tea bags or loose-leaf tea? Let’s find out.

loose-leaf tea

As you may know, tea bags are easier to use, and they can be found in every store. You just have to pour some hot water over the bag, steep it for a couple of minutes and your tea is ready. Loose-leaf tea might be harder to find, not to mention that you will need a tea infuser or a strainer to prepare it. But, even though it might be a bit more difficult to prepare a loose-leaf tea, you should know that it comes along with more benefits than tea bags.

It’s rich in antioxidants

Loose-leaf tea usually contains a plant called camellia sinensis, which is filled with antioxidants. So, if you want to benefit from the numerous properties offered by these antioxidants, you should always use loose-leaf tea.

Protection against diseases

Loose-leaf tea is packed with antioxidants, which means that you will be protected against various health problems. Numerous studies conducted on antioxidants have proved that they can prevent cancer and heart disease. Moreover, they can reduce the risk of inflammation, thus preventing numerous diseases.

It’s more delicious

Tea bags usually contain powder. On the other side, loose-leaf tea contains large pieces of plants or fruits inside. This means that it’s more flavorful than tea bags, and it has more aromas. Not to mention that it includes beneficial plant oils that will keep you healthy.

Fights against aging

As already mentioned, this type of tea contains a large abundance of antioxidants. This means that it can easily reduce the effects of aging and slow down this annoying process. Your skin cells will be protected against the activity of free radicals that can cause wrinkles and other skin problems. So, try to consume loose-leaf tea regularly in order to get rid of fine lines or wrinkles.

Loose-leaf tea is fresher than tea bags

Some tea bags can last for about 2 years, which means that your tea will no longer be fresh. Once it’s harvested, tea must be consumed within maximum 8 months. Thus, any type of tea bag that exceeds this period is no longer fresh and will not offer the benefits you’re looking for. On the other hand, loose-leaf tea has shorter validity and it’s healthier.

Offer it as a gift to your loved ones

Besides being packed with all sorts of benefits and properties, loose-leaf tea can also be a great gift, especially if it’s a rare type of tea. Offer it to your friends and family during the cold months of winter and they will be thankful for that.

Thus, next time you’re looking to buy some tea for your family, remember that loose-leaf tea is always better than tea bags, so don’t forget to add it to your shopping cart.

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