Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

Lavender has a unique scent, and it has been used for years for a large number of purposes. For example, dried lavender can be put in small bags of cotton or any other fabric and, after that, you may keep the bags into your wardrobe. Not only that your clothes will have a discreet fresh smell, but lavender will keep the moths away.

lavender tea benefits

Also, only a few drops of lavender essential oil can relieve stress and help you sleep better. This is way lavender is known for being used in aromatherapy. Put some olive oil into a small bottle, add some lavender essential oil and you will have a great massage oil.

But the benefits of lavender can continue. And a perfect way to enjoy these benefits is by making a cup of lavender tea. If you have any lavender in your garden, you can dry the blossoms and use them for tea. If not, you can simply buy some tea bags from the store.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

If only the scent of lavender can reduce stress and help you have a good sleep, lavender tea is even more effective. It is used as a natural remedy for anxiety. What is great about it is the fact that, when compared to drugs used for anxiety, it does not lead to addiction. It will help you to be relaxed and will provide you peace of mind, without any side effects. This tea can be used as a therapy to calm your nerves and to keep the stress away.


Insomnia can cause many health problems and may affect your daily routine and the way in which you react to stress or other negative factors. But just as in the case of anxiety, medical treatment of insomnia can be addictive. Don’t worry, there are natural remedies for this disorder, too. And one of them is lavender tea. The benefits of lavender tea will help you to get rid of insomnia. Only a cup of tea before you go to bed helps you to relax and fall asleep.

No Caffeine

Have you experienced palpitation, shaking or even anxiety after enjoying a cup of coffee or green tea? Well, the reason behind these symptoms is the presence of caffeine. In high amount, caffeine produces some damages in your body, this is why it should be avoided. But still, you may want to enjoy a cup of hot drink. The perfect alternative is lavender tea. This tea has no caffeine at all.


Lavender tea is also a great remedy for indigestion. This herb has been used for centuries in healing stomach inflammation and as a treatment for indigestion, so you don’t have to be afraid to use it. Lavender tea has calming proprieties that are efficient when dealing with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, it can help you to keep away the problem of excessive gas. Lavender tea calms down the intestinal tract, reducing the spasms that lead to excessive gas.

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