Change Your Mood With The Right Teas!

Have you ever felt so sluggish in the morning that you wanted something to give you a kick to your brain? Or maybe you felt agitated after a busy day and you wanted to cool down your brain so that you can sleep. Regardless of what you want to do, a few sips of these beverages can change your mood any way you want. Here are some situations in your daily lives and the type of tea that may go along with it.


You need motivation to workout

Let’s face it; there are times when we want to press “skip” on our daily exercise, go home and lazily sink in our beds until the next day comes. However, a cup of matcha tea may make you literally feel otherwise, due to the antioxidants and catechins present in their composition. You will feel stronger, more energized and it may also give you a boost on your endurance. Plus, matcha tea (or any sort of green tea, for the matter) can bring a boost to your fat mobilization and metabolism. And while it does have caffeine, it won’t spike your body the way coffee does. It will just make you feel more energized.

You want to relax the mind and sleep properly

Have you ever felt so tired that your brain simply refuses to go to sleep, simply because your day was way too busy? The thoughts of what happened that day will be enough to keep you up at night, and as a result, it will make you look like a zombie the next morning. However, a cup of passion flower tea will help you reduce that anxiety and racing mind of yours, promoting a sensation of calmness and sleepiness. You’ll sleep like a baby the entire night!

You want to be more productive

When people feel that their productivity level is off the rails, the first thing they usually do is grab a cup of coffee. However, there are many herbs that contain such caffeine-like stimulants, and they will help more in improving your focus and mental activity. Keep a lookout for teas that contain yerba mate, guarana or their cousins yaupon and guayusa; these will indeed provide a boost to your productivity levels.

You want to feel purified and cleansed

When you feel bloated or intoxicated from the environment, foods and other chemical-containing products, you may want to counter that feeling with a cup of white tea. That one is the least processed one out of teas, but it still has a good deal of antioxidants. It will help scavenge all the free radicals wreaking havoc in your body, reduce the inflammation and give you an overall refreshing feeling. White tea also provides anti-microbial properties that will keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh.

As you can see, coffee or warm milk is not always the answer. Sometimes, all you need is a warm cup of the right tea to give you the mod that you want.

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