Apple Tea – Recipe and Benefits

Apples are delicious and natural treats that must not miss from any diet. If you don’t enjoy eating the raw apples, then maybe consuming apple tea sounds much more appealing. Apples are rich in potassium and vitamin A and you can also find all these nutrients in the apple tea. Moreover, this beverage has a great taste and comes with magnificent health benefits.

Apple Tea – Recipe and Benefits

In order to prepare apple tea, you must make use of apple-flavored black tea. This is a popular type of tea in Turkey, as they consume it daily. Apple tea comes with a wide array of antioxidants such as quercetin and catechin. It is also rich in minerals such as potassium, sodium and magnesium. This is not all. Apples also contain vitamins E, C and B and amino acids. There are 2 types of apple teas: light or weak and strong or dark.

Apple Tea – Recipe


– 2 liters of water

– 1 apple (medium sized)

– Black tea leaves (1/3 cup)

– Sugar

– Cinnamon and cloves


Fill a pot with the water, then boil it. Wash the apple and slice it into very small pieces. Throw away the seeds and stem of the apple, but keep the skin. Add all these pieces to the water and let them boil for 7 more minutes. Finally, add the cinnamon and the cloves and boil for 10 mire minutes. Strain the tea, add the sugar or honey and mix well. This tea is best enjoyed cold, so keep it in the fridge for a while and serve it with ice cubes. Apple tea lasts for almost 3 days.

Apple Tea – Benefits

– By consuming apple tea on a regular basis, you will strengthen your immune system.

– Apple tea keeps the body healthy and active and increases its amount of oxygen.

– It provides relief for arthritis and can also prevent it, if consumed regularly. It can also prevent a few other inflammatory diseases.

– Apple tea reduces the high cholesterol levels.

– It can even prevent cancer: prostate, colon and lung cancer.

Apple Tea – Side Effects

Apple tea comes with a wide array of benefits, but it can also bring some side effects.

– For example, apple tea should be avoided by the nursing and pregnant women, as it can harm the infant and the growing fetus.

– Some people are allergic to apples, so if this is your case, you should not consume apple tea.

– Certain medications can interact with apple tea, so consult your doctor before consuming the tea.

Overall, apple tea is a great and affordable method to keep your body strong and healthy. It can even replace regular tea and it’s much more tastier.

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