Yerba Mate – The Tea that Combats Obesity and Reduces Body Fat

Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is a plant that originates from the subtropical regions of South America – Brazil, North Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Nowadays, thanks to a wide range of studies developed during the last couple of years that prove its amazing health benefits, it has become quite popular in the United States as well.

yerba mate for weight loss

Yerba mate and its properties

Indigenous peoples have been using infusions of this plant as a social and medicinal drink for centuries. Recent studies show that Yerba mate encompasses diuretic, anti-obesity, hepatoprotective properties, and significant beneficial properties that promote the right functioning of the nervous system.

According to studies developed in humans and animals, the plant delivers strong anti-obesity action, while at the same time improving the lipid parameters. Yerba mate acts upon a myriad of abnormal factors that obesity causes, in the long run, as it contributes to regulating the genes that are modified because of obesity.

Researchers have discovered that the plant also presents protective effects concerning the resistance to insulin. Thanks to this particular action, Yerba mate can be considered an important adjuvant that fights obesity and its dangerous side effects.

The study conducted on Yerba mate

The first study that investigated the plant’s anti-obesity role was realized in the year of 2011. This clinical study lasted for 45 days and has demonstrated that the main compounds found in Yerba Mate can significantly delay the gastric emptying process and induce weight loss in overweight persons. Yerba mate also promotes a feeling of satiety through multiple effective mechanisms it delivers, having a positive influence on the digestive function of the body.

Yerba Mate effectively reduces visceral fat and body weight, as well as the levels of cholesterol, glucose, insulin, and pancreatic leptin. Its strong hypolipidemic effects are delivered thanks to its saponin compounds.

Yerba Mate tea encompasses strong antioxidant capacity as well, as it protects the DNA from oxidation and prevents various cancerous infections from developing. The majority of beneficial effects this plant encompasses are delivered by the multitude of polyphenol compounds – flavonoids, and phenolic acids. Additionally, Yerba Mate tea contains caffeine, having a strong energizing effect that can be compared with the one offered by coffee.

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