Why Should You Drink Warm Honey Water Every Day?

We all know that honey is one of the healthiest foods that can be found on the market, as long as it is raw and has not been submitted to any artificial processing. Did you know that you can drink it with warm water and maximize its benefits on your health?

warm honey water

Drinking one cup of warm water with honey, every day, will strengthen your body and prevent it from getting any unpleasant conditions. We put up a list with the most important effects this habit could have on your health:

  • Cleaning the skin – Since honey is a natural antioxidant, it will help you to remove any dirt or bacteria that might linger onto your skin.
  • Strengthening the immunity system – Honey is very rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals. These will all fight in maintaining a shield of protection against bacteria. However, if the honey is not organic, these nutrients will not be there.
  • Losing weight – Honey is really sweet, but it does not contain the refined sugar we all fear. This is actually a natural sweetener that will put a stop to your cravings for other sweets, which are more damaging for the body. Replacing the juices you buy from the store with warm honey water will lower the number of calories you take in by 64%.
  • Saying no to a sore throat – There is nothing more effective for a sore throat during winter or autumn than warm honey water. In the case of a cough or a respiratory infection, honey is the best remedy.
  • Flushing out the toxins – When combined, honey and warm water will make the perfect recipe for an efficient detoxification. Add a bit of lemon juice too and you will encounter no problems with the urinary tract.
  • Regulating the sugar in the blood – The natural sweetness honey contains is a combination of glucose and fructose. This helps the body stabilize the blood sugar and the cholesterol.
  • Reducing gases – If bloating and gases are familiar to you, then drinking a cup of warm honey water every day will make this sensation go away, leaving you with a feeling of being lighter.
  • Keeping heart diseases at bay – The antioxidants and the flavonoids will keep any heart-related disease away from you. The main cause of strokes is bad cholesterol. Honey has the ability to reduce its oxidation, thus protecting your cardiovascular system.

Now, after hearing all these arguments of why you should drink this miracle natural remedy, there is no need to waste any more time. So, go and get that jar of honey, warm a bit of water and mix these 2 miracle ingredients. Remember that the water should not be boiled, otherwise the honey you will put in will have toxic effects on your body.

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