Whiten Your Teeth with Natural Remedies

Yellow teeth can be a sign of various other conditions, including accumulation of plaque and a symptom for decay. The majority of the people having this problem find it quite embarrassing to laugh or smile, so they are always looking for new treatments that will help them whiten their teeth. Ageing and different beverages and foods can be the cause for the yellowing of teeth. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on getting a pearly white smile, as you can make use of affordable home remedies.

Whiten Your Teeth with Natural Remedies


Our grand-grand-fathers have used salt to clean their teeth and it is still an efficient remedy for those having yellow teeth. Prepare a mixture with charcoal and salt and clean your teeth daily with this solution. The salt is extremely abrasive and will remove your teeth’s yellow layer. At the same time, salt is milder than toothpaste and can protect the tooth enamel.


Carrots are rich in fiber and this makes them an excellent scrubber for your teeth. They will eliminate the accumulated plaque and leave your teeth clean and bright. So, carrots are not beneficial only for your eyes, but also for your teeth.

Baking Soda

A great remedy for yellow teeth is baking soda. It is abrasive and can neutralize the acids in the mouth. Rub gently some baking soda on your teeth so as to get rid of the yellow layer. One of the most effective remedies is mixing toothpaste, salt and baking soda and brush your teeth with this solution. Repeat the remedy for a few weeks to get astonishing results.

Banana Peel

This is a surprising remedy for yellow teeth, but it really works. Use a banana peel to rub on your teeth and after that, leave it on for almost 15 minutes. Once you’ve done this, you can use regular toothpaste to wash your teeth. Use this remedy regularly so as to have bright and white teeth.


This herb comes with a variety of uses and properties and what most people don’t know is that the plant is also useful for whitening the teeth. At the same time, it has anti-bacterial properties and can prevent various dental problems. Keep the leaves in the sun so that they can get dry and then grind them to become a powder. Mix your usual toothpaste with this powder and use this remedy daily.

Orange Peel

It seems that the banana peels are not the only ones that can help you with whitening the teeth. The orange peels are also extremely efficient. They can also be used for bad breath. Rub this peel on your teeth before bedtime. The orange peels are rich in vitamin C and calcium and cam diminish the yellow tinge and kill the microbes. So, with this remedy, you will have a fresh breath and whiter teeth.


This citrus fruit is efficient in stimulating the saliva formation. This will rinse your gums and teeth and prevent the formation of plaque. Mix lemon juice with water and prepare a natural mouthwash that you can use after your meals. At the same time, the lemons contain citric acid that will whiten the yellow teeth. Always dilute the lemon juice, because the citric acid might be too powerful for your teeth enamel.

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