What to Do to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Your Hair

No matter if you are a man or a woman, hair loss is a disturbing issue that affects your confidence. It is a visible problem, and it may cause you a lot of troubles. But how can you deal with it? First of all, you have to know that this issue has numerous causes. If you identify them in your case, it will be much easier to solve the problem of hair loss. By eliminating the cause, you will eliminate the effect, too. However, even if you cannot do this, there are many natural treatments for hair loss and even some effective solutions that work from the inside out.

hair loss treatment


The list of causes is huge. Some of the most frequent causes are stress, hormone changes, thyroid problems, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, and even menopause in the case of women. Moreover, some of the products specially designed for hair can cause hair loss, too – shampoos, hair dye, hair style products. The way in which you take care of your hair can also be a cause. For example, if you are a woman who wears her hair in a tight ponytail every day, this will affect your hair for sure.

Release stress and make sure you sleep enough

Especially if hair loss occurred for a short period, you should take some time to analyze your lifestyle. If something caused a sudden change in your sleeping schedule or led to a higher level of stress, this may be the cause of your hair loss.

Make sure that you sleep enough hours every night and that nothing disturbs your rest. For example, if you experience problems in falling asleep, or you keep awakening the whole night, prepare yourself and your room before going to bed. Don’t let your phone in the room you are sleeping, don’t watch TV when you try to fall asleep and clean the air in your room every night. You can also try some lavender tea – it has a beneficial effect on your sleep, and it helps you keep stress away. Some lavender flowers can be put in your room for the same results.

Help your body from the inside out

An improper diet can be the cause of many health issues, including hair loss. For a strong hair and for avoiding its loss, it is necessary to assure your body a good intake of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.  Scientific studies have proved that a lack of proteins, omega-3-fatty acids and iron are linked to hair loss. Some important sources of omega-3 and protein are fish, eggs, avocado, and nuts. Don’t forget to introduce vegetables into your diet as a source of vitamins and minerals, especially leafy greens.

A natural mask to fight hair loss

What you need for this homemade treatment is dandelion and burdock root, some licorice and ½ glass of water. Leave the licorice in the water for one night, and then blend the roots with the obtained water. You should have now a paste that you can apply on your scalp and leave it on for an entire day if it is possible. This mask has antibacterial and anti-fungus proprieties and provides your scalp and your hair with a mix of precious vitamins.

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