Vinegar and Corn Starch for Athlete’s Foot

The Athlete’s foot or the tinea pedis is a fungal infection that affects the feet and it is caused by the ringworm. This is actually a common infection and it can be dealt with extremely easy. There are numerous home remedies that can help you with this matter. The Athlete’s foot appears when you keep your feet too moist or when you’re not airing them for a long period of time. Thus, it does affect only the athletes. So, the secret is to always keep your feet aired and dry and wear footwear that allows your feet to “breathe”. Also, change your socks 2 times per day so as to avoid this fungus infection. With some patience and affordable remedies, you will immediately get rid of the Athlete’s foot.

 Vinegar and Corn Starch for Athlete’s Foot


One of the most popular and efficient anti-fungal ingredient is the vinegar. You can use any type of vinegar to keep your feet clean. So, pour some vinegar in a bowl. You can also mix it with water if you wish. Soak your feet in the solution for a few minutes and after that wash them. You can also soak your footwear in the same vinegar mixture and after that let them dry in the sun. The vinegar will kill the possible bacteria and fungus and will prevent the Athlete’s foot.

Corn Starch

Another efficient and affordable remedy is the corn starch. This ingredient is incredibly efficient in treating the infections. Bake the corn starch until it becomes brown and after that utilize it like the talk powder. You can even put it in your shoes to eliminate the sweat. The corn starch can also be used to prepare a paste. Mix it with crushed garlic and olive oil and apply it on the affected area. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then wash off with warm water. Repeat the remedy until the fungus infection has disappeared.


Talc can immediately offer relief for an irritated and itchy foot. The talc powder has the ability to combat the infection and maintain the feet dry. However, you should avoid using perfumed talc. Use simple talc to fight against the Athlete’s foot. Apply the talc on your feet and you will have them dry for the rest of the day.


This is another efficient remedy that fights against the burning and itching feet. You must mix betadine with some warm water and soak your feet in this solution for a few minutes. The remedy will soothe the feet and will also combat the fungus, leaving your feet healthy.

Healthy Diet

A proper diet can also help you combat the fungus infections by strengthening the immune system. So, if you want to offer a boost for your immunity, you should include garlic and yoghurt in your diet. Besides being a great addition for your organism, these ingredients also come with anti-fungal properties.  Thus, by consuming this type of foods, you will be able to prevent the Athlete’s foot.

Other pieces of advice would be to always keep your feet clean and dry and use airy shoes and socks.

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