Valerian and Honey – The Fastest Remedy for Headaches

Those who wish to replace aspirin or ibuprofen with a natural remedy for their headaches can call on valerian. To prepare this amazing remedy, you will need a teaspoon of valerian dried root powder and a tablespoon of organic acacia honey. Wait until the two ingredients become a homogeneous paste and consume it immediately.

Valerian and Honey – The Fastest Remedy for Headaches

Efficiency and Benefits

This remedy is extremely useful when it comes to headaches, migraines, nervous breakdown, agitation and insomnia. Besides the remedy presented above, you can also consume one cup of linden flowers infusion. Drink it in the evening, before bedtime.

Valerian is rich in minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium), omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins (K, PP, A, E, B1, C, B9, B6, B2), fibers and chlorophyll. It also has tonic, antioxidant, anti-infectious, laxative, diuretic and emollient properties. It can also purify the organism and drain the fluids out of the body and it’s also a great tonic for the heart.

The second ingredient of this recipe is also incredibly useful and rich in vitamins and minerals. So, honey contains vitamins B, K, C, A and B-complex and 12 amino-acids, including methionine, alanine and leucine. It also has a wide array of minerals: phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, sulfur, silicon, zinc, manganese, proteins and mineral salts. The honey is so sweet because it includes healthy sugars like fructose, maltose and sucrose. Other beneficial ingredients that can be found in the honey are pantothenic acid, folic acid, nicotinic acid, antioxidants, enzymes, yeast, pollen traces and antibiotic factors.

Honey comes with a wide array of properties, including healing, antioxidant, soothing, heart tonic, toning, restorative, anti-bacterial, laxative, anti-microbial, bio-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, nutrient, energizing and depurative properties.

So, the combination between valerian and honey can have powerful positive effects for the health and can immediately help you eliminate pain and the discomfort caused by it.

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