Use Salt to Make Your Face Feel Like Silk And Eliminate Zits

Don’t ignore salt, a natural product already fabricated by nature itself, which is cheap and efficient. Cosmetic treatments that have salt in their composition enhance the skin, increase the circulation of the blood, improve the tissue and eliminate those nasty black spots on your skin.


In order to integrate it with success in your morning beauty ritual, you should opt for table salt or marine salt.

Use salt treatments during your day to day rituals or on a regular basis and you will enjoy a hydrated skin, which will maintain its youthful appearance for a long time.

For skin that feels like silk

Prepare an oil body mask: pour 2 cups of salt in a bowl, one-quarter of a mug filled with warm water and one cup of olive oil. Mix them until they become homogenous, and massage your whole body with this paste.

Leave it on for 20 minutes, then take a shower. It is recommended to apply the body mask in the bathroom.

For dry skin

If you have a particularly rough and dry skin, consider using the following treatment: mix two glasses of table salt with one glass of olive oil and one-quarter of a glass of water until you obtain a homogenous paste.

Apply the mixture on your skin (legs, feet, arms, torso, etc.), rub it softly, and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes to be absorbed by the skin. After that, wash it with warm water.

To regenerate the skin

This particular method will make the skin on your feet softer, like silk.

Pour 300 gr of salt in the tub, pour hot, then warm water over it. Add 2 liters of milk and one cup of raw honey. Mix it thoroughly then take a bath in it.

To eliminate the zits

This remedy cleanses the skin of the face and dries the zits. It acts very quickly against various impurities, especially on an oily skin. Dissolve two spoons of salt in a liter of hot water. Let it get cold. Dip a small towel in the liquid and apply it for 5 minutes on your face.

Against dandruff

Softly rub your scalp with salt. Let it get absorbed for 10 minutes, then wash it with warm water.


Salt and honey masks have anti-inflammatory properties and can calm the skin and reduce irritations.

Prepare a mixture of 2 spoons of salt and 4 teaspoons of liquid honey. Apply the resulting paste on a clean and dry skin, avoiding the areas surrounding your eyes. Let it get absorbed by the skin for 15 minutes. Before taking off the mask, dip a clean towel in hot water, squeeze it and apply in on the face for about 30 seconds. Take off the mask using circular motions, then wash your face with warm water.

Tonic water for the face

Prepare a mixture consisting of one teaspoon of salt and 400 ml of warm water. Shake the bottle until the salt is dissolved, then pulverize it on your skin, avoiding the eyes. You can apply this treatment twice a day.

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