Use Goat Milk and Pumpkin Juice to Get Rid of Allergies

Allergies are the reactions of the body’s immune system to certain allergenic factors. Most of the symptoms are neglected by many people who do not consider them a serious threat. The most common allergens are pets, insect bites, dust mites, pollen, medicines, and food. Some of the symptoms caused by allergies are an itchy sensation, runny nose, swelling, asthma, sneezing and rashes.


Allergy facts

Allergies are in fact an exaggerate response of the body’s immune system that is attacked by foreign substances. It considers these substances invaders, similar to viruses and bacteria, and it protects the body. Although allergies can be genetic, some are triggered by environmental factors.

When a person who suffers from allergies comes into contact with a substance or product that he is allergic to, the immune system starts to build up a sensitivity to that allergen before it overreacts to it. It takes time until the immune system recognizes and remembers the allergen and it begins to create antibodies that will attack that substance. This process, called sensitization, can take from a couple of days to several years to be completed.

Tests to determine allergies

  • Radioallergosorbent test (RAST), simply known as blood test, is used to determine the levels of antibodies released by the immune system.
  • During the Skin Prick Test or puncture testing, the skin is pricked with a very small amount of allergens. If the skin reacts to some of them (swollen skin, redness, itchiness), this means that the body is allergic to those particular substances.
  • The Patch Test is used for patients with contact dermatitis. Special metal discs are used with a quantity of possible allergens. The doctor will check for skin reactions after 48 hours.

Natural remedy for allergies: pumpkin juice and goat milk mixture

Although there is a variety of medications used for allergies, many of them have harmful side effects. That is why more and more people suffering from allergies turn to natural remedies, which also offer many other beneficial properties for the body.

Mihail Bogomolov, a famous dietitian, created a fantastic recipe with only two ingredients, meant to help people, especially children, suffering from allergies.

The ingredients that you need are one cup of fresh pumpkin juice and two cups of goat milk.


Mix the goat milk with the pumpkin juice and add a cup of boiled water. Stir well. Take a cup of mixture 3-4 times daily, half an hour before each meal. Warm the drink before you consume it (34-45 degrees Celsius).

Goat milk is used because it does not have proteins that triggers allergies, compared to other types of milk. It also cleanses the gallbladder and liver, supporting their normal function. Pumpkin has many beneficial nutrients that help in the treatment of various ailments. This vegetable is high in both beta-carotene and vitamin C, offering an immunity boost from the powerful combination of these two nutrients.

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