Try This Natural Eyelash Serum and Get Rid Of Mascara Forever

We all want long, black eyelashes, but unfortunately, nature has not been generous to all of us. So instead of using fake eyelashes or making your eyelashes look clumpy and globby from too much mascara, you can use coconut oil.

coconut oil fo eyelashes

In time, mascara also damages eyelashes, causing them to dry out and break. Fake eyelashes have to be glued with adhesive, which can cause irritations and allergies. You can avoid all these by using coconut oil which has many health benefits, improving immunity and digestion, making your skin and hair healthy, preventing many diseases such as diabetes or heart conditions and promoting weight loss.

Why Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil can reduce the eyelashes fall out, moistures them and promotes their thicker growth. Thanks to the fatty acids it contains, coconut oil can stimulate hair growth whether it is the one on your head or your eyes. Try to buy fractionated coconut oil as this type has no lauric acid to keep it from solidifying.

This oil can be safely used on the area around your eyes. If accidentally, oil gets into your eyes, you vision might be blurry for several minutes, but the eyes will not be harmed. When coconut oil enters the eyelash follicles, it starts to stimulate hair growth and fight any fungal infections.

Eyelash Serum with Coconut Oil

You can make this coconut oil eyelash serum with only three ingredients. Take a roll-on bottle with a twist off cap and fill 1/4 with fractionated coconut oil. Add one drop of lavender essential oil and one drop of lemon essential oil. Add the cap to the bottle and shake its contents. Apply the serum to your eyelashes at bedtime.

In the morning, wash your face as usual, and apply makeup, but avoid using mascara or any other eyelash products while using the natural coconut oil serum. Use this daily for 2-3 weeks and you will see its amazing results. Your eyelashes will be longer and thicker, and they will look much healthier than before.

Other Beauty Secrets of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used for any part of your skin. You can apply it on your hair or your face or the entire body to moisturize it. Coconut oil can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, treat eczema, the balance of the healthy skin and can also be used as a makeup remover.

When you buy coconut oil, you should know that there are two types: refined and unrefined. The refined version does not have all the health benefits of the pure version, but it still is a great source of fatty acids. The refined version is cheaper and is widely available in grocery stores. The unrefined or virgin coconut oil is made from the first pressing of fresh, raw fruit without adding any other chemicals.

Try to use virgin coconut oil when you make your eyelash serum and you will benefit from all the nutrients that coconut has to offer.

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