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• Fatigue, depression, stress

First, prepare a liquor with 4 chopped garlic cloves and 100ml of 90° alcohol. Let it soak for a month, in the sun or in a warm place, shaking the bottle daily.

Filter the liquid and take it gradually. The first day, take one drop (diluted in half a glass of water), next day take two drops, the third day take 3 drops and so on, until the 20th day, when you must take 20 drops, diluted in half a glass of water.

Starting from the 21st day, decrease one drop per day. Thus, on day 21 take 21 drops, on day 22 take 20 drops, and so on, up until day 41, when you’re supposed to take one drop (diluted in half a glass of water).

• Blood Cleaning

Finely chop 2 cloves of garlic, and mix the paste with a little bit of olive oil. Add a few leaves of parsley and let it soak overnight. Serve it at breakfast, with fresh bread.

• Diabetes

Put 4 garlic cloves in 1 liter of alcohol, and let them soak for 15 days, shaking the bottle daily. Filter the resulted liquid, and take one teaspoon daily, in the morning on an empty stomach. The treatment should last 4-5 weeks, or as needed.

• Rheumatic pain

Put 50 g of crushed garlic into a pint of vinegar, and let it soak for 15 days. Filter the solution, and keep it in a dark place. Use it in the morning and in the evening, by rubbing the painful areas. This remedy can also be used to disinfect wounds.

• Asthma

Blend 4 cloves of garlic with 250 ml of olive oil and massage the paste gentley on your back and toes for several minutes. This helps relieve pain, including muscle sprains and cramps. You can use it to massage the spine. It is also a good cure for colds, fatigue or depression, if rubbed on the chest.

• Cough, bronchitis, tuberculosis

Prepare a mix from 100g of garlic and 100 ml of 90° alcohol. Stir it daily. After 14 days, filter the liquid and take 20-30 drops, twice per day, diluted with water. This is a very good natural expectorant.

• Poor blood circulation

Prepare a liquor from 400g of garlic and 500 ml of brandy or cider. Let it soak for up to 15 days in a warm place, shaking the bottle daily. Filter and take 20 drops, 2 times a day, diluted with water.

• Roundworms, pinworms

Place 3 finely chopped garlic cloves in a cup with boiling water or milk, and let it soak overnight. Drink the liquid in the morning on an empty stomach. Repeat the treatment for three weeks.

• Pitcher eyes, callosities

Rub the damaged area of the eye with half clove of raw garlic, several times a day. This treatment is not suitable for purulent pitcher. For callosities, place a patch filled with crushed garlic, during the night.

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