Treating The Most Common Conditions With Natural Remedies

The alternative medicine promotes the usage of herbal remedies for treating a condition. The thing about herbal remedies is that they will add more strength to the body, thus increasing its ability to fight bacteria, viruses and all sorts of other unpleasant guests.

natural remedies for common conditions

Herbal tea is recommended for consumption, but in order to reach its maximum potential of efficiency, it should be drunk at least 3-5 times per week. Here are some of the most efficient natural remedies for some of the most common conditions:

  • Asthma

300 grams of sugar need to be cooked until they turn brown. Add 9 tbsp. of honey, 3 bowls of onion (chopped) and 1 ½ liter of boiling water to the composition. Start stirring and then let the mixture simmer, until the whole quantity is reduced to half. Let it cool at the room’s temperature and then put the mixture in glass bottles.

One tsp. of this tea should be consumed before every meal. No drinking or smoking is allowed during the treatment.

  • Angina

Take one-half of liter of boiling water and add some finely chopped garlic and mallow. Let it cook for 20 minutes and then strain the mixture. You may add some honey. There is not an established amount to take in every day. You may drink as much as you want and whenever you want. This is also great for gargle.

  • Sniffle

To cure this, you must inhale the smoke that comes from the crust of a baking bread. This will relieve your nose. Repeat the treatment for 2-3 weeks, a few times per day.

  • Headaches

Take a few leafs of cabbage and put them on a baking tray in your oven. Keep them there until they are soft. Then place them on your forehead and repeat this treatment until you feel that the headache has finally gone away.

  • Arthritis and sciatica

Prepare some oats, but keep the water they have been prepared in. You will have to drink it throughout the day. One cup at a time. The oats should be applied as a compress in order to relieve the pain. Change the compress every 4 hours and get rid of the pain faster than you would have thought.

  • Burns

These are some really nasty things to confront with. Luckily, there are a great number of natural remedies to treat them. Here is one that requires something you probably already have at your home: potatoes. They should be cut into round slices and then applied on the affected areas. If you want to avoid at any costs having to deal with blisters, you can also apply some cold milk or linseed oil on the area that has been affected.

These are some really effective natural remedies and they are easy to remember, as well. So, the next time when a headache kicks in, use our tips.

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