Treat Tuberculosis with Home Remedies

TB or tuberculosis is an extremely contagious respiratory infection and it is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis, a dangerous bacterium. Even though this is a respiratory condition, if it’s untreated, it might also infect other organs and get into the bloodstream and the lymph nodes. Some of the most common tuberculosis symptoms are fever, fatigue, night sweats, pain in the back, kidneys or chest, shortness of breath, persistent cough and weight loss. Unfortunately, it can be fatal if it’s left untreated. The bacteria can be eliminated with medical treatment, but the home remedies can also be extremely useful in helping you recover.

Treat Tuberculosis with Home Remedies


These yellow fruits contain calcium and nutrients that boost the immune system of a patient with tuberculosis. At the same time, these compounds will relieve fever and cough. Mash a ripe banana and mix it with honey (1 teaspoon), yogurt (1/2 cup) and coconut water (1 cup). Drink this solution every day. You can also prepare a simple banana juice and consume it once per day.


There are numerous compounds and minerals in the oranges and they are mainly known for their large amounts of vitamin C. the orange juice is beneficial for your lungs, protecting them from infections and easing the expectorations. At the same time, thanks to the vitamin C, your body will be protected against secondary infections. Oranges also have the ability of strengthening the immune system. Prepare a fresh orange juice and add honey (1 tablespoon) and salt (1 pinch). Drink this mixture in the evening and in the morning.


This vegetable contains sulfuric acid that destroys the tuberculosis germs. The ajoene and allicin in the garlic is also useful in stopping the bacterial growth. Last, but not least, garlic has immune-boosting and antibacterial properties. You can consume the garlic cooked or raw. Chop some garlic cloves and mix them with water (4 cups) and milk (1 cup). Boil the solution and then drink it thrice a day. Another recipe is to mix hot milk with a few drops of garlic juice and consume the beverage before bedtime.

Black Pepper

This remedy will cleanse your lungs and alleviate the chest pains caused by tuberculosis. Black pepper also has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the constant coughing. Use a bit of butter to fry almost ten black peppercorns. After that, add a little bit of asafoetida powder and let the mixture cool down. Prepare three doses of the mixture and take one every few hours.


Mint is a great home remedy for tuberculosis because it has antibacterial and healing properties. Mint is going to nourish the lungs, revitalize the body organs and dissolve the mucus and it will also diminish the side effects caused by the tuberculosis treatment. Prepare a mixture of carrot juice (1/2 cup), malt vinegar (2 teaspoons), honey (2 teaspoons) and mint juice (1 teaspoon). Drink this juice three times per day to notice the effects.

There are many other home remedies that can help you get rid of tuberculosis. Besides the ones presented above, you can also try green tea, walnuts, Indian gooseberry, custard apple and drumstick.

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