Treat Your Skin Problems with Oat

Did you know that oat is one of the most popular natural remedies for skin problems? Scientific studies revealed that this amazing cereal has remarkable anti-inflammatory proprieties, which help in calming down itching and reduce skin rashness.

oat for skin problems

Even though it might sound a little odd to you, it is important to know that oatmeal is much more efficient in cleansing the skin than any soap you can buy. Oat eliminates the dirt and makes your skin soft and silky. Compared with other synthetic solutions, which are filled with chemicals, oatmeal absorbs the excess of sebum without drying the skin.

What Issues Can Oat Treat?

Every woman dreams about a perfect skin, without any blemish or scars. Unfortunately, only a few of us can proudly get out of the house without wearing at least one layer of foundation. But can oatmeal help your skin look glowing, too? Most probably, the answer is yes, as this wonderful cereal can heal skin allergies, erythema, sunburns, and eczema. This is also the ideal product for you if you suffer from redness, dry skin, blemishes, scaling, cracking or acne.

If you are wondering how can a plant have so many benefits for your skin, you have to know that this is due to oatmeal’s nutrients. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, chromium, copper, vitamin B1 and many others. But oat’s extraordinary skin benefits are due to its content of avenanthramide, a group of antioxidants which protects your skin cells against that damage of UV radiations and also reduces the redness.

How to Cleanse Your Face with Oat

For this process, you will need oatmeal flakes. You can grind them first and obtain a powder. This step is recommended especially if you have sensitive skin. You can also use them without grinding if you want a deeper cleaning of the pores. This way, you can benefit from a natural exfoliant, which will also nourish your skin.

  • Put 2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal in a blender or another food processor and grind it until it looks like a powder. Transfer the oatmeal to a bowl and then add water, 1—3 tablespoons, so that you will obtain a fine paste. Apply this on your face and gently massage your skin. Do this for about 1 minute, and then let the paste on your face for another 5 minutes. Then rinse your face with cold water. If you have sensitive skin, you can also apply a few drops of olive or coconut oil on your face after this treatment and rub it gently on your face.
  • You can also use the whole flakes as a great natural exfoliant. For this, you need to put a tablespoon of oatmeal flakes in a bowl or even in your hand and add a few drops of warm water for only about 10 seconds. This way, they will soften, and you can then gently rub them on your face. The next step is to rinse your face with warm water first, and then with cold water.

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