How to Treat Oily Skin Naturally

Oily skin is a common problem that extends past an unpleasant look. It can ruin confidence by leading to other skin conditions in the form of acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. The condition is caused by an excess of sebum produced by the glands tied to hair follicles on the body.


As problematic as the condition can be, you should not panic as there are several home remedies that can help you find relief. Natural cures are the best first step as they are cheap, quick to implement and  leave no side effects.

Here are a few treatments:

  • Aloe Vera

This incredibly popular ingredient is known for its beneficial impact when it comes to skin health in general. This is due to several aspects, such as its strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to hydrate the skin.

You should do an allergy test on your skin first. If there is no reaction, massage some aloe vera gel on the problematic area and let it be absorbed. Do it 2 times a day.

  • Baking soda and lemon

Lemons have a high amount of antioxidants and citric acid that help with skin issues, excessive oil included. Baking soda is another frequently used home cleanser, helping to unclog pores.

To combine these two, do the following: use 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 2 of baking soda, with ¼ cup of lemon juice. Place the paste on your skin and let it act for 10 minutes at a time.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil has incredibly beneficial properties that make it one of the best home remedies for skin problems. First of all, its anti-bacterial properties help you fight acne, inflammation and skin redness. Studies have shown it to be just as effective as some pharmaceutical drugs, with the advantage that it’s all natural.

Oily skin can lead to problems such as acne or pimples, cases in which tea tree oil is an excellent choice. You can simply place a few drops on a cotton ball and apply it over the problematic area directly.

You can also combine it with other essential oils if you desire.

  • Honey face mask

Honey is useful for hydrating the skin and fighting bacteria. Simply mix a tablespoon of honey, one of aloe vera and 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. Let it act for 20 minutes on the skin.

  • Sea salt

Sea salt is excellent for drawing toxins out of your skin, and it’s also an absorbent of the oil. Mix sea salt and lemon juice in equal amounts. Massage on your skin and let it act for around 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This will eliminate excess oil and help with various skin problems due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Mix water and vinegar in equal amounts, as you want to avoid irritation risks. Use a cotton ball to apply it on your skin and let it act for 5 minutes. Rinse with water.

Oily skin may seem like a complicated matter to solve, yet simple solutions can often be the right answer. These treatments should be the first tool in your battle. However, we do recommend consulting a doctor if the condition persists.

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