Top Benefits of Chestnuts and How They Can Lower Cholesterol and Ease Digestion

Chestnuts represent the best of all the edible nuts existent on the planet. They contain all the essential nutrients for a balanced diet. They are even more beneficial than almonds and walnuts and their richness in nutritional value is considered superior. The delicious taste combined with healthy benefits makes these nuts really special. Nowadays, they are consumed roasted but they are an amazing treat in any form. Check out what chestnuts can do for our health.

chestnut benefits

Can Lower Cholesterol

The most important asset of chestnuts is that they help lower the cholesterol level. They prohibit the redundant absorption of cholesterol in the intestines because their composition is rich in fiber. This is the main reason the nuts are the most common dietary option for patients with high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Thereby, the blood sugar level is controlled by lowering the glycemic index.

Smooth Digestion

Being very rich in fiber, chestnuts are widely recommended for clearing constipation. Due to the high content of fiber, nuts stimulates the digestive process. If you include them in your diet, you can fight against obesity and acid reflux. The richness in fiber also makes them a supplement to ameliorate inflammatory bowel diseases and diverticulitis.

They Lower the Risks of Heart Disease

Chestnuts are highly abundant in unsaturated fatty acids. MUFAs decrease the LDL levels and increase the HDL levels. This means that the good cholesterol levels are in perfect harmony. Heart problems are controlled by the presence of omega3 and dietary fiber. The persons that suffer from a high cholesterol level should worry no more. They just need to add chestnuts into their diet!

Help with DNA Synthesis

The higher percentage of folate helps the forming of Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC) and eases DNA synthesis. What makes the difference between chestnuts and other nuts and seeds is the presence of folate. The other seeds and nuts on the market completely lack this substance. Other sources of folate are leafy vegetables. But if you don’t like green veggies, just hold on to some chestnuts.

They’re Gluten Free

Like other nuts on the market, chestnuts are gluten free. This makes them perfect for treating medical conditions like celiac disease or wheat allergy. Chestnuts also cure constipation, diarrhea, muscular disturbances, migraines, bloating and pain in joints and bones.

Other Benefits

Afar from the benefits specified above, we have a few enumerations left. It has been discovered that chestnuts provide protection against oxidative stress. Their rich content in Vitamin C and Vitamin B helps the formation of bones, teeth and blood vessels. The nuts also contain magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron that prevent anemia and improve bone health.

Now that you found out how perfect chestnuts are, we encourage you to eat a few whenever you can. With so many health benefits, they are worth a try. Roasted or in any form you wish, enjoy their enchanting and aromatic taste any time of the day. Last but least, don’t forget to share this tip with your beloved family!

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  1. These are from an Oak tree called conkers, Chestnuts are from the same name tree, very funny 😎🤣

    • yes these are horse chestnuts (conkers) they grow on horse chestnuts trees not oak trees,
      acorns are from oak trees.

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