Tonic Beverage With Elderberries and Ginger – Boosts Your Immunity

God gave us fruits and vegetables not only to eat them, but also to use them for therapeutic purposes. It’s not a coincidence that elderberries, rich in compounds with antiviral and antioxidant properties, are cultivated once the cold season of infections and colds begins.

elderberries tonic

Although many of us associate elder with elderflower juice (the famous and refreshing summer drink), we can use not only its flowers as natural remedies, but also its fruits.

Experts consider that elder fruits (Sambucus nigra) are amongst the strongest natural tonics for our immune system. They’re thought to be real natural remedies with a surprisingly big curative and prophylactic potential.

Elder fruits have antiviral properties and we can combine them with ginger in order to obtain an efficient immune tonic against the flu and cold.


Black elderberries are harvested in autumn from the forests’ margins, forest roads or mountains. The clusters with berries are cut with a knife from the branch. Unfortunately, these can’t be dried naturally.

After the harvest, they resist 48 hours in the fridge. That’s why you have to consume them immediately or use them in different therapeutic recipes such as juice, syrup, wine or tincture. Also, they can be frozen and used to prepare juice or other recipes.

To make this recipe, wash the elder fruits and weight them. Put the berries in a saucepan and add an equal quantity of water. Add the ginger root – one tablespoon of grated ginger or one teaspoon of powder ginger – for 145 grams of fruits. Then, add cinnamon (one teaspoon of milled cinnamon to 145 grams of elderberries fruits) and cloves (¼ teaspoon of milled cloves to 145 grams of elderberries fruits).

Heat this composition until it reaches the boiling point and then let it boil on a low-medium flame for 20 minutes. Take the saucepan from the stove. After the liquid gets cold, strain it through a fine-mesh sieve, pressing the fruits with the back of a wooden spoon in order to extract all the juice.

Add honey (170 grams of honey to 145 grams of elderberries) in the resulted liquid and mix until it’s homogenized. Transfer this juice into glass bottles or jars and seal them. Keep them in the fridge.

Route of administration

You can take one teaspoon one to three times a day for prevention purposes. You can consume it in this form or you can dilute it with plain or mineral water and you can drink it as a juice.

You can use this amazing cocktail as a syrup for pancakes, as an edulcorant for yogurt, tea or another juice.

Attention! You should consume elderberries after they become ripe. They are toxic in big quantities (200 grams of fruits or juice per day or 300 grams of tincture per day).

This beverage can improve the function of your immune system. If you want to drink something healthy, choose this tonic beverage.

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