A Successful Anti-Smoking Recipe

Smoking is a strong addiction, thus it is very hard for smokers to get rid of this habit. Phytotherapy proposes various remedies and recipes based on plants and simple foods which can be helpful for those who want to quit smoking. The following recipe is such an example.

A Successful Anti-Smoking Recipe

Anti-Smoking Recipe

Most smokers are aware of the fact that excessive tobacco administration is harmful for their health. Maybe they have tried more than once to quit smoking using different methods, from chewing gum to anti-smoking plasters, electronic cigarettes and even hypnosis. This natural method is the only one that can help you.


– ½ grapefruit

– ½ orange

– 20 ml chamomile tea

– 30 ml jojoba oil

– 30 ml olive oil

– 30 g coconut oil

– 5 g oregano


Squeeze the grapefruit and the orange. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until you get a homogeneous mass. Pour the mix obtained in a jar. Close it and keep the mixture in the fridge. Instead of chamomile you can use calamus or lycopodium.

Put some of this mix under the nose (above the upper lip) or pour some drops on a piece of cotton wool and inhale deeply whenever you feel the need to smoke. The smell of this mix will completely inhibit this desire. All you need is a real wish to quit smoking.

The problem is that smoking is an addiction – the need of the organism to receive tobacco – and it also a reflex difficult to control. A smoker finds it hard to quit smoking when they are stressed, bored, await someone, go out with their friends to a café or bar or when they have persons around them who smoke.

For this reason, this natural method can have good results only for those who firmly decide to quit smoking. You need lots of will in order to succeed. This means that you will have to eliminate all the factors that can pull the trigger on this smoking desire, such as the habits of frequenting nightclubs or places where smoking is allowed.

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