The Simplest and Most Efficient Natural Mouthwash (Recipe)

Bad breath, officially known as halitosis, is a problem that can be caused by a bacterium located inside the mouth, dental problems or digestive disorders. The mouthwash presented below will not only ease mouth odor, but it will also eliminate it.

The Simplest and Most Efficient Natural Mouthwash (Recipe)

The commercial mouthwash is filled with chemicals. That’s the reason why it has a blue color or a powerful aroma. Moreover, they can only treat halitosis for 30 minutes or less.

Studies have shown that the toxic ingredients in the commercial mouthwashes can cause serious damage for your oral health. For example, the ethyl alcohol found in these products can weaken the gums. Moreover, the researchers at Stanford University have found a connection between the utilization of certain mouthwashes and oral cancer.

Cinnamon Mouthwash – Recipe

The best way to freshen your breath is to prepare your own mouthwash. This way, you can choose and control the ingredients you want to use. In this case, the ingredients are quite common and the final product is extremely natural, safe, efficient and affordable.


  • – 2 lemons
  • – 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • – ½ tablespoon of cinnamon powder
  • – 2 – 3 cloves
  • – 1 ½ teaspoon of honey
  • – 1 cup of warm water
  • – An empty container or jar with a lid


Put the cinnamon and the cloves in the container and pour the fresh lemon juice over them. Add the honey and the baking soda. At the end, you must add warm water so as to melt the honey. Put the lid and shake well. If you use a jar, mix the product with a wooden or plastic spoon. If you also want to get a whitening effect, you can also add a little bit of turmeric powder.

Anytime you need to freshen your breath, shake the container and rinse your mouth or gargle with 1 – 2 teaspoons of the product for 1 minute.

How it Works

Unlike peppermint (that is often used to prepare mouthwashes) that will just mask halitosis, cinnamon will actually eliminate it, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties that will kill the bacteria that caused the bad odor. For example, those who chew cinnamon gum have 50% less chances to develop oral bacteria as opposed to those chewing mint gums.

Honey gives this homemade product an amazing taste. Moreover, honey has anti-bacterial properties that will treat halitosis.

Baking soda will whiten the teeth and eliminate bad bacteria.

Finally, lemon juice has a fresh and powerful citric aroma that can fix bad breath.

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