Sage Wine – The Best Ally Against Nervous Asthenia and General Fatigue

A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. Or so they say. In this case, it is a sage wine which is the health booster we are all looking for. Not only it has a classy taste, it is also good for your system, as you will find out after you have finished reading this article. Sage is truly a wondrous medicinal plant that saves people, as its Latin counterpart from the name also implies, “salvere”, which means salvation (or healing). There is also one saying that has been going around from generation to generation that goes like “Why should people die when sage grows in the garden?” It is a hint of how sage can be seen as the remedy for various ailments.

sage wine recipe

Sage Helps Revive the Body, Making You Feel Refreshed

Sage is a stimulant for the body, helping in the fight against the lazy stomach syndrome and improving the functioning of the nervous system. It is a calming remedy for those who are troubled by severe cases of nervous asthenias, neurasthenia, anxiety attacks, coughing induced by the nervous system, acute pain, trembling, and also various other mentally induced disorders.

Aside from its effects on the nervous system, sage based concoctions also help boost digestion due to their diuretic properties. At the same time, they help clean up your liver and kidneys. A research study that was published in the Complementary Theories in Medicine showed that sage is even beneficial for people suffering from diabetes or hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), the patients being treated with a sage leaf extract for three months. At the end of the experiment, there were already clear improvements in their health.

How Do You Make Sage Wine?

Sage wine is a precious and savorous remedy used to fortify the organism, as well as to remove the state of fatigue and asthenia. It’s easily prepared since you will only need sage leaves and natural wine.

It is also a precious remedy used to treat difficult digestion, menopause, and excessive sweating. Sage is an excellent tonic for the memory and the brain, being considered a potential remedy for Alzheimer’s patients.

Ingredients needed:

  • 80 g sage leaves
  • 1L of wine


Put the sage leaves in a large glass container and pour the wine over them. Seal the container thoroughly and let it macerate for about 8 days, and then proceed to strain the wine, placing it in smaller glass bottles.

Don’t consume it in large quantities. Only 3 or 4 tablespoons are enough after a meal, or simply a small 30 mL glass a day.

Used as a mouthwash or a gargle, sage has disinfectant properties and cleanses your mouth of bacteria and strengthens the gums. It also reduces any dental neuralgia and gum bleeding, while also treating your mouth sores.  Sage is beneficial for most people, and very little to no side effects have been signaled from its consumption.

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