Rosemary and Almonds to Improve Your Memory

Is your memory playing tricks on you? Do you often forget what to buy from the grocery store or where your left your mobile phone? Then it means that you have a weak memory and that you must improve it as soon as possible. Having memory problems can be annoying and frustrating and they become even more serious as you age. Memory can be affected by various factors, including the use of medications, sleep deprivation, smoking, stress, drinking alcohol, depression, overactive or underactive thyroid and nutritional deficiencies. The memory problems can also be caused by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and in this case, you should better consult a specialist. Still, if you deal with minor memory issues, there are a few home remedies that can help you with this problem.

Rosemary and Almonds to Improve Your Memory


Weak memory can be improved with rosemary. Various studies have proven that this herb and its aroma are beneficial in improving the prospective memory that helps us in the everyday functioning. Use dried rosemary (1 teaspoon) to steep in boiling water (1 cup). Let it steep for around 5 minutes. You can also use fresh rosemary. Add honey and drink this tea every day for a couple of weeks. Otherwise, you can use rosemary oil to breathe its aroma or add it to a room diffuser.

Fish Oil

There’s nothing better for the memory than the fish oil. These supplements can reduce the cognitive decline and can also improve the memory. The reason why the fish oil is so effective is because it contains the healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains docosahexaenoic acid that will reduce the risk of brain plaques that cause the Alzheimer’s disease. Take fish oil supplements daily. Consult your doctor for the adequate dosage. You can also consume sardines, salmon, mackerel and herring on a regular basis.

Honey and Cinnamon

When combined, these 2 ingredients can improve the memory and relieve the nervous tension. By simply smelling the cinnamon, you can enhance the cognitive function and the memory. You can also consume a teaspoon of honey before going to bed so as to keep yourself away from the nocturnal metabolic stress. Honey is also known for promoting sleep. Consume one teaspoon of honey mixed with a pinch of cinnamon on a daily basis for a few months.

Ginkgo Biloba

Various memory disorders can be improved with ginkgo biloba. The plant improves the blood flow and circulation to the nerves and the brain and promotes a better functioning. It can even improve the thinking and memory of those who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The recommended dosage of the herb is 40 mg and it must be taken thrice a day. However, ginkgo biloba has not been found to be useful for the healthy individuals.


This Ayurvedic remedy can improve both the brainpower and the memory. The almonds contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants and they are also good for the eyes. Soak almost 10 almonds in water and leave them overnight. In the morning, you can grind the almonds after you have peeled their skin. Add the paste to one cup of milk and let it boil. Add honey and drink it every day for one month.

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