Remove Dental Plaque with These 5 Home Remedies

Dental plaque is a common problem when it comes to oral health. It’s a sort of bacteria that covers your teeth after every meal, especially after having lots of candy and sweet drinks. It may often lead to causing oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

home remedies for dental plaque

The reason why dental plaque is constantly emerging is because the mouth is full of bacteria, being a moist environment. After having eaten, the bacteria will track down the remaining food particles and will determine the plaque to further develop. As a result of its acidic feature, it can be utterly detrimental for your teeth’s health as it may actually destroy the protective coating the teeth embody, thus leading to the formation of cavities. Besides that, as I already mentioned, it raises the risks of gingivitis, periodontitis, and in the long run tooth loss! So, in order to maintain your oral health, it is vital to have it removed.

To begin with, you should aim at restraining yourself from eating too many sugary foods and drinks. Secondly, make sure to wash your teeth twice a day, in order to maintain a proper oral hygiene. Thirdly, flossing is utterly important – your toothbrush cannot clean the spaces between your teeth, right? So, if you’re not flossing on a regular basis, it’s high time you began.

It’s advisable having regular check-ups at your dentist, at least once a year, in order to maintain your oral health. However, do take into account the following home remedies you can take advantage of to remove your dental plaque effectively. They’re cheap, easy to prepare, and you’ll notice the difference in no time.

Keep in mind that you should steer clear of using this remedy for more than once a week, as it could lead to the imminent erosion of your enamel.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in your mouth and thoroughly rinse your mouth with it and then spill it.
  • Softly brush your teeth afterwards.
  • Rinse your mouth inside out.
  • Home Remedy 2

So, who doesn’t have baking soda in his/her household? This procedure is utterly simple and highly effective – as baking soda incorporates antibacterial properties.


  • Baking Soda


  • Place baking soda on your wet toothbrush.
  • Softly brush your teeth.
  • Home Remedy 3

The recipe to this home remedy is recommended for harsh dental plaque.


  • 1 liter of water
  • 4 tsp of lime flower
  • 4 tsp of sunflower seeds


  • Mix the two types of seeds with the water.
  • After covering it, leave for 30 minutes to soak in.
  • Use the mixture to gently brush your teeth.
  • Home Remedy 4

The results to this remedy can be really effective. Give it a try!


  • 3 tbsp of mountain wormwood leaves
  • 4 deciliter of wine


  • Mix the given ingredients.
  • Cover the recipient and let it soak for a couple of hours.
  • After having strained the liquid, you can use the mixture to softly brush your teeth.
  • Home Remedy 5

This home remedy aims at removing your dental plaque without harming your enamel.


  • 30 grams of powdered walnut shell
  • Water


  • Mix the given ingredients in a pot.
  • Boil the mixture for 15 minutes.
  • After it’s cooled off, use the obtained solution to gently wash your teeth.

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