Quit Smoking Today with This Plant!

A lot of people say that they can quit smoking anytime they want. “It’s as easy as waking up in the morning and feeling like a baby,” or so they say. However, when faced with the facts, there will always be that “one more cigarette won’t hurt,” especially during a social gathering. Quitting that cigarette is not as easy as it seems, and many people can affirm that. However, with a strong will and the right help, you can manage to achieve that success.


Nicotine Keeps You Craving

The nicotine present in cigarettes is what keeps most smokers want to keep smoking; it’s the cause of their addiction. Once you expose your body to this chemical for a longer period of time, you will get used to having it in your system – to the point where you will need it to feel normal. If your body does not receive its daily nicotine dose, it will start feeling uncomfortable. Symptoms will include irritability, increased appetite and something that most smokers will describe as “wanting to claw your lungs out of your chest.” It takes time for people to get over the withdrawal; and although it is said that the symptoms will disappear within a week, you will still crave that cigarette (especially when you see others smoking). This is the most crucial time when you have to be strong and not give in to temptation.

Stevia Keeps the Craving Away

Some German studies say that the stevia plant can cure your drinking and smoking addiction. With its origin in Paraguay, the plant is from the chrysanthemum family and has been used for a long time as a natural sweetener. Unlike the artificial sweeteners we find on the market nowadays, stevia doesn’t cause sugar rushes or addictions. It’s 100% natural and it has always been one of the main ingredients to sweeten drinks such as tea.

Stevia is also something that can keep your smoking craving away. A few drops of stevia on your tongue can immediately kill your craving, allowing you to say no to your desire for a cigarette. Stevia can be bought from various health stores or supermarkets. Just ask around, or go directly to the health food or baking goods aisle.

Balancing the Side Effects

Many people say that they’re afraid to quit smoking because “they’ll gain weight.” Indeed, if you are a smoker, I’m sure you’ll notice the need to replace your cigarette with food or sweets when you’re not smoking – leading to the appearance of unwanted kilos. Stevia can also help with this issue by balancing the blood sugar in your system. This will significantly decrease your desire for sweet things, and most importantly, it is something that people with hypoglycemia and diabetes can use. Stevia has been successfully used in various weight loss programs.

With the right kind of help and proper discipline, you will definitely be able to quit that nasty habit of yours that has continuously been eating at your lungs.

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