The Powerful Royal Jelly and Its Healing Properties

Royal jelly is another powerful bee product that comes with numerous benefits for the humans’ health. This specific product is a honey bee secretion used by the bee larvae to become a Queen Bee. Besides giving birth to a “royalty”, the royal jelly is also extremely healthy, containing no less than 185 organic compounds. The most significant is the royalactin that enables the larvae to become a queen bee. It’s very important to always have royal jelly in your medicine cabinet, so as to be able to use it whenever necessary.

The Powerful Royal Jelly and Its Healing Properties

Enhances the Immunity

Numerous studies have demonstrated that royal jelly has immune-modulatory potential. The research has shown that this product has the ability to delay the outset of autoimmune diseases such as Lupus. Moreover, royal jelly has been proven to balance or boost the immunity system of humans.

Combats Inflammation

Royal jelly has anti-inflammatory activity that can curb chronic inflammation leading to arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease or other degenerative diseases. Basically, royal jelly inhibits the pro-inflammatory compounds. So, if you suffer from any inflammatory disease, you should start taking royal jelly supplements.

Prevents Cancer

Royal jelly is packed with antioxidants and, for this reason, it can fight against the oxidation of the cells and prevent heart disease and even cancer. The royal jelly prevents the damaging of the cells and protects against the installment of various types of cancer. Make sure you always purchase frozen and fresh product, so as to be sure it’s potent.

Heals the Skin

Numerous skin products contain royal jelly, because it has the ability to heal the wounds and the skin. This bee product has anti-inflammatory properties and it promotes the collagen production and decreases the exudation. At the same time, it speeds up the healing process of the wounds and lesions. Royal jelly is also rich in vitamins and nutrients like hormones, flavonoids, enzymes, decanoic acid and nucleic acid that promote the skin renewal. The B-complex vitamins and the zinc are also beneficial for the skin. Take fresh royal jelly powder (1/4 teaspoon) or royal jelly capsules (500 mg) daily to have a healthy skin.

Fights Breast Cancer

A specific study has demonstrated that royal jelly has an anti-environmental estrogen property. Numerous plastics contain the environmental estrogen called bisphenol A that can promote the onset of breast cancer. Fortunately, the antioxidants in the royal jelly can inhibit the activity of this environmental estrogen. Take royal jelly supplements daily so as to combat breast cancer.

Protects the Liver

Various studies have shown that royal jelly also has liver protective abilities. Every day, you expose yourself and your liver to toxic compounds that can affect your health. For example, the tap water contains more than 200 toxins that can cause serious damage to your liver. Thus, it is very important to consume royal jelly on a regular basis so as to protect the liver from diseases.

Royal jelly is beneficial for numerous other conditions and ailments and it can control the cholesterol, combat bone loss and osteoporosis, control the blood sugar and prevent diabetes and enhance the brain function.

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