Potato Juice and Skin Care – Recipes

Most people wouldn’t associate potatoes with beauty, but various studies have proven that these two are strongly connected. For example, it seems that the potato juice is used in a wide array of beauty recipes to lighten the skin tone and make the skin brighter, shinier and healthier. The reason behind this is that the potato juice is extremely rich in sulphur, vitamins, copper and potassium. You can simply dab this solution on your skin to notice the benefits, but you can also mix it with other useful ingredients as you will see below. Potato juice is extremely beneficial for dull skin, fine lines, dark circles, sunburns and blemishes.

Potato Juice and Skin Care – Recipes

Potato Juice Beauty Recipes

The following packs and masks are extremely simple to prepare at home.

Skin Lightening Pack

Mix equal quantities of lemon juice and potato juice. Both ingredients have natural bleaching properties and they can do wonders. Use a cotton ball to apply this mixture on your skin’s dark patches. If you perform this procedure regularly, then you will be able to lighten your skin in a few weeks.

Recipe for Puffy Eyes

Combine equal amounts of cucumber juice with potato juice and apply this solution around your eyes. Let it cure for almost 15 minutes, then wash it off. Cucumber and potato juices comes with soothing effects and are a blessing for the tired eyes. This natural remedy can treat both dark circles and puffy eyes.

Anti-Aging Mask

Aging is that natural process that everyone wants to prevent. Unfortunately, it will occur at some point in time, but what you can do is to slow down its appearance. The first signs of aging are wrinkles, dryness and fine lines, but potato juice can help you get rid of them. Mix potato juice and curd in equal quantities and add some olive oil (1 spoon). This mask will immediately moisturize your skin and slowly remove the wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, potato juice and olive oil are extremely efficient in combating crow’s feet and dark circles.

Pore Cleansing Solution

If you’re looking for a natural cleanser, then here you have it. Mix water (1 cup) with baking soda (1 spoon) and potato juice (5 spoons). Stir well and apply the solution on your face. Massage gently into the skin so as to effectively cleanse the pores. This mixture is also effective in eliminating the dead skin cells.

Face Pack for Smooth Skin

For this pack, you will need Fullers Earth, lemon juice and potato juice. Mix all these ingredients together and apply the solution on your face. Leave it on for about 10 – 15 minutes, then cleanse off. This pack will eliminate the acne, blemishes, grease and oil from the skin and will leave it flawless and smooth.

Potato Juice for Hair Care

Potato juice is also extremely beneficial for hair care. For example, you can mix it with aloe vera and you’ll obtain a solution that will tame the dry, frizzy and dull hair. Another hair mask contains egg white, honey and potato juice and it’s effective against hair loss. Leave it on your hair for 2 hours, then wash off with shampoo.

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