Peppermint Essential Oil – Helpful for Hair Loss

Peppermint essential oil is well-known around the world for its benefits, and it is used for healing many health ailments. For example, this plant can help you get rid of severe headaches, relieve muscle or joint pain, improve digestion, and increase concentration. Moreover, it has been used from ancient times for desserts and to refresh the breath. If you have a persistent sinusitis, you can use peppermint essential oil as a very efficient natural remedy for this health problem, due to its therapeutic proprieties.

peppermint essential oil for hair growth

But did you know that this essential oil can also help you in your struggle with hair loss? This problem is common for both men and women. The main cause of hair loss in men is the aging process or genetics. However, for women, this is usually a distressing condition. The problem is that it may be related to many other medical issues for women. However, a natural remedy is usually the best treatment for hair loss, as it does not have side effects. In fact, most of the natural remedies used for this condition have plenty of other health benefits.

Peppermint’s Proprieties and How It Can Reverse Hair Loss

Even though most of the causes of hair loss are hard to identify, it has been proven that peppermint’s proprieties have a beneficial effect on this condition. This plant’s proprieties can fight against a large variety of factors that may trigger hair loss and other problems related to scalp and hair, such as dandruff.

Peppermint essential oil is famous for being one of the most potent natural remedies, as it has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antifungal proprieties, and it is also an antioxidant and antiallergenic.

Medical Research

The Toxicological Research Journal has published at the end of 2014 a research regarding peppermint essential oil and its effects on hair growth.

This study was made on mice and compared the results of peppermint oil, saline, minoxidil, and jojoba oil applications on the animals. The duration of the study was of four weeks.

This research has analyzed the effect of these substances regarding hair growth, but also other parameters. Every solution was applied once per day to a shaved area of the mouse, for six days a week.

At the end of those four weeks, the results were visible. The group of the mice which have been ‘treated’ with peppermint oil had the most significant increase in the follicle number and depth.

Moreover, another encouraging aspect revealed by this study is that, until the second week, peppermint oil has stimulated the hair growth more rapidly as compared to jojoba oil and the saline solution. In the third week, the results were even more noticeable. Researchers could notice that peppermint oil was more efficient than Minoxidil, a famous medical treatment for hair loss. At the end of the study, the hair growth was about 92% for the mice from the peppermint oil group, while the mice from the Minoxidil oil group experienced hair growth of about only 55%.

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