Parsley Tea – 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Among the healthiest green drinks of the world, parsley tea is by far one of the strongest natural diuretics. Parsley is a refreashing and nutritious spice, used for flavoring and coloring various dishes in cuisines around the world. We can eat fresh parsley to boost our immune system, to prevent and treat colds, for maintaining our heart health, to strenghten our bones and cure digestive and kidney disorders.

Parsley Tea Benefits

Parsley Tea - 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Parsley Tea – 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Parsley is a natural source of vitamins, pro-vitamins and minerals like: iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and chlorophyll.

It’s the perfect ingredient for detox diets. Parsley tea has lots of therapeutic properties we invite you to discover and exploit on your own.

1. Parsley tea for immunity

Parsely and its complex content of iron, vitamin C and vitamin B12 makes a strong natural weapon against free radicals. Parsley tea counters metabolic imbalances and stimulates the nervous system.

This miraculous green tea also has the ability to prevent degenerative diseases, such as cancer, brain disorders or Parkinson’s disease. Parsley tea diet helps restore the energy level of the body, stimulates metabolism and absorption of nutrients.

2. Thyroid, nervous system and menopause symptoms

Vitamins B in parsley stimulates and fortifies the nervous system, fighting nervousness, depression and irritability. On the other hand, iodine content in parsley is good for the thyroid gland function. Parsley tea naturally regulates estrogen levels, so it makes a great tea choice for menopausal women.

3. Weight loss, kidney stones and gallstones 

To lose weight, drink one cup o parsley tea after every meal of the day. Make the tea from a bunch of fresh parsley and 1 liter of water. Parsley tea makes food digestion easier, burns fat and eliminates excess pounds .

To clean your blood and detoxify your digestive and urinary tract, make a tea from 1 kilogramme of parsley and 2 liters of water. Take one tablespoon every hour throughout the day. Parsley tea also helps treat UTI. To remove kidney stones, drink one glass of parsley tea on an empty stomach for 40 days in a row.

4. Parsley tea for hair

Parsley tea is a fabulous hair tonic. It fights hair loss naturally and restores its vitality. Use it as a natural product to replace expensive commercial shampoos.

5. Infertility and impotence

Parsley tea is good for women because it increases fertility and provides menstrual pain relief, and for men because it helps treat sterility and impotence. For better results, take ½ teaspoon of parsley seed powder (ground parsley seed) per day for 40 days. Parsley fights imbalances in the body caused by contraceptives and antibiotics.

6. Parsley tea for cancer

Parsley leaves contain essential amino acids involved in fighting cancerous tumors. You can use them for tea, juice, soups or salads. Parsley prevents lung, liver and kidney cancer. Consumed regularly, parsley might as well help prevent and treat brain tumors.

7. Swollen feet

The feeling of heavy legs and swollen feet can be fixed with a cup of parsley tea daily. According to experts parsley tea is much better and safer than furosemide drug administered in these cases.

Parsley tea induces miscarriage 

Consumed in excess, parsley can cause digestive or nervous hiperactivity. Parsley tea is not recommended in large quantities during pregnancy or breastfeeding. In pregnant, high doses of parsley can cause miscarriage in pregnant women and in breast-feeding, parsley can reduce milk secretion.

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