Nettle Shampoo – Homemade Recipe

The preparation of this homemade nettle soap is significantly simpler than it might seem. We present you an easy to make, amazing recipe, embodying marvelous properties and beneficial results for your skin and hair. You may use it either as a soap or as a shampoo, whichever you prefer best.

homemade nettle shampoo

Nettle Shampoo-Soap – Recipe


  • 180 ml nettle decoction
  • 300 g olive oil
  • 200 g solid coconut oil
  • 50 g rice oil
  • 50 g castor oil
  • 87 g caustic soda
  • 10 ml essential lavender oil or essential lemon oil

You may purchase rice oil in supermarkets or in naturist shops, even though it’s not as popular as the other oils enumerated above. It is utterly beneficial in treating wrinkled, aged skin, being recommended for people with sensitive skin predisposed to acne. The other oils can be purchased either in supermarkets or in naturist shops. You may find caustic soda at metal and chemical profile stores. Without further ado, let’s get started on the preparation of this amazing nettle shampoo-soap.


To begin with, you should prepare the nettle decoction. Place a teaspoon of nettle powder in a kettle. Add a cup of water (250 ml) and place the kettle on the heated stove. Stir and let it boil for a couple of minutes until the water becomes greenish.

In a separate recipient, mix all the oils.

Next, when weighing the caustic soda, you should use plastic gloves and protective glasses. Weigh the needed amount – 87 g. That equals appreciatively 2 full teaspoons and a half.

Strain the nettle decoction (the powder will remain at the bottom of the kettle), and combine it with the caustic soda. Remember that the decoction ought to be warm. Stir nicely until you obtain a homogenous mixture. Combine this mixture with the oils. Continue stirring and then let it cool off.

Meanwhile, prepare the forms in which you will pour the composition.

After the composition has completely cooled off, mix it with a blender. Now is the time to add the essential oil and continue blending until it’s properly mixed. If you intend to use this nettle soap-shampoo on children, then it is advisable you don’t include the essential oils in your composition, as it might lead to allergic reactions.

Pour the composition in the forms you have prepared and let it solidify for 24 hours’ time.

The obtained soap may be used for shampooing hair or as skin soap. It encompasses utterly beneficial results, thanks to the nettle and the amazing combination of oils. Nettle is widely-recognized for strengthening the hair, cleansing the scalp and eliminating dandruff.

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