Natural Remedies for Feet Odour

Noticed how people turn up their noses when you take off your shoes? The following article with provide you with some foot-friendly natural remedies that will change the way your feet smell for good. Stay tunned.


What cause foot odour?

Bacteria likes this habitat and thrive on skin cells. This bacteria gives your feet that stinky odour. Once you put on your shoes, you seal your feet, so they begin to sweat. However your foot smell may also be the cause of a fungal infection also known as the athlete’s foot.You should also know that people with  diabetes and heart disease are prone to develop these kinds of infections as well due to the bad circulation. Hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet) may also be the cause as well as hormone changes broght on by puberty and last but not least poor hygene.

What to do?

  • Water is your new best allay against this awful odour. Don’t forget the soap, preferably an antibacterial one.
  • Blow-drying your feet is the answer, especially if you suffer from athlete’s foot or nail fungus.
  • Always alternate between two pair of shoes and change your socks once a day if not more. Keep your shoes in a ventilated and bright space to avoid the bacteria from thriving.
  • Learn a trick: place cedar chips into when you put your shoes away. Products with zeolita are also a good trap for the odour because this zeolite is a volcanic mineral that traps any unwanted smell.


Naturel fixes

Black tea baths for your feet: you must 2 tea bags in water for 14 minutes. Remove the tea bags and use two quarters of water to dilute the tea. Let it cool and then soak for half an hour. This action should be repeated on a daily basis. The tannic acid found in these black teas will kill any bacteria that is holding on to your feet as well as close the pores.

Vinegar can also be used as a simple home remedy. Add warm water , then a few drops of vinegar or thyme oil. This oil has antiseptic properties that will terminate the bacteria. Repeat the same soaking process for 15 minutes.

Lavender oil is perfect to use for killing these odeur-smelling bacteria. Not only does it smells good, but it will also be effective. Just rub a few drops on your feet every night before going to bed and then slip your feet into some socks. Just remember to test this oil and see if it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Epsom salt can be used with warm water and you will have to soak your feet twice a day to make this treatment work. This salt has astringent properties and it will reduce sweating not to mention kill the bacteria that is giving your feet such a hard time.

Baking soda or talcum powder also help to reduce the oduor of your feet. Just sprinkle the  with this powder which will absorb the moisture from sweating and keep your feet cool. 


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