Natural Medicine for Reducing Blood Sugar

Numerous persons have used this natural remedy to regulate the blood sugar level and, consequently, they stopped using insulin. We’re talking about white beans, ground as flour or powder.

Natural Medicine for Reducing Blood Sugar

Decreasing Blood Sugar – Recipe


– 500 grams of white beans


Wash the beans 2 or 3 times and then let them strain and dry. Put them in a pot and then in the pre-heated oven. From time to time, go see if the beans are fried. You can do this by pressing the beans with your nails. If the beans crack, then they are ready.

Let them cool and then put them into a blender and grind them. You can also use a mincing machine or a coffee grinder.


Take 1 teaspoon of beans pwder every morning with a glass of warm milk. Do this before breakfast. Follow this treatment for at least 6 weeks. Throughout this period, you must check the glycemia level every day to make sure it doesn’t get too low and gets into hypoglycemia. This powder can also be used as regular flour to prepare dough or soups.


The American researchers have discovered that white beans contain a substance that helps regulate the glycemic level in the blood, especially the one influenced by the consumption of carbohydrates (white bread or other pastries).

13 healthy persons participated in this study. They were aged between 24 and 44 years, without any history of diabetes, gastrointestinal or endocrinological diseases. They received 50 grams of white bread with butter and 3 doses of white beans powder mixed with the butter. The first dose was 1500 mg ofwhite beans powder, the second was 2000 mg and the third was 3000 mg. The results shown that white beans contain a substance called Phase 2 that inhibits the digestive enzyme responsible with the decomposition of the starch in the sugars. This aspect favored the decrease of the glycemic index.

Following the study, the researchers established that the best dose was the one of 3000 mg of white beans powder.

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