Natural Home Remedies for Headaches

Familiar with the phrase ” my aching head”? Bet you are… as most people are facing this ache on a regular basis. Usually people tend to grab whatever pain reliever they have at hand. But what if you focus on more natural remedies instead?


A good way to reduce some of the pain is to massage the web of the skin with a circular hand motion. Continue this massage technique for a few minutes and then repeat the action until the pain goes away. This trigger point is also known as the LIG4 and it is linked to brain areas where the headache usually starts. Another interesting way to relieve some of the pain is by soaking your feet into hot water. Believe it or not this will work. This process will help by drawing blood to your feet and the steamy hot water will ease the pressure on the blood vessels in your head. Some even say that by adding mustard powder into the water will help with any terrible headache. What have you got to loose? Give it a try.

If you are complaining of a tension headache, use a hot compress on the back of your neck or simply on your forehead. The heat from the compress will relax the muscles and the pain will be reduced. If the cold treatments doesn’t do anything for you, try the opposite way. Add a few ice cubes in a cloth, or some frozen veggies if you have those in your freezer and place them on the sore spot. It would help if you move the compress at the base of the skull. Another alternative to a cold compress would be to simply soak your hands into icy water. Keep them there for as long as you can. This will also help dilate the blood vessels and it should stop the pain.

Having a strong cup of coffee is often times the answer. Caffeine is known for reducing the blood vessels swelling and it will relieve any type of headache one suffers from. You might be surprised to know that caffeine is the main ingredient used in several painkillers. So why spend your money on expensive pharmaceuticals , when you can make a cup of string coffee right at home and your aches with instantly disappear. A headache can also be cured with some essential oils. Use and massage lavender oil on the forehead and temple. Menthol also dissolves away a bad headache as well as peppermint oil. This can be inhaled deeply for a maximum effect or sprinkled on a piece of cloth and placed on your forehead.

Grind a bit of ginger and drink it with a glass of water or if you prefer tea instead, rosemary tea or black tea with whole cloves (known for their anti-inflammatory properties) added in the tea are wonder cures for migraines. Remember that eating at regular intervals, exercising and doing all kinds of outdoor activities will help maintain a balanced and stress free life.

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