Natural Foot Bath for a Healthy Lymphatic System

When you are taking a shower, you can’t actually see the dirt and the toxins that go down the drain, unless you went mud-running, hiking or you have been digging a whole. The problem is that, with water and soap you only clean your exterior parts, not the interior. But what if you would use mud to clean yourself?

Not literally mud, more like Bentonite clay, a healing clay that has been used for years for baths, especially in spas. With this clay, you can literally wash out the toxins out of your body. All you need to do is add some clay into the water and stick your feet into it. If, at the end of your bath, the water has gone full dark, do not worry, because those are all the toxins that came out of your body. This Bentonite clay uses negatively charged ions to remove the waste products from your organism.

bentonite-clay foot bath

You should start with a classic clay bath, using a rather small amount of clay, and then go up. Start with a ½ cup of Bentonite clay and then gradually raise the quantity to 2 cups.


  • Bucker or water tub
  • ½ cup or 2 cups of calcium Bentonite clay
  • Aromatic herbs (these are optional)
  • Water
  • Bathtub

Fill the bathtub with warm water, not hot water. Mix the clay with a gallon or water or two to activate its healing properties and then add it to your bathtub. The healing properties of this clay are only activated when mixed with water. Put your hand into the water and stir. Then add the aromatic herb, detox aids or essential oils of your choice. You could add lemons since they bring in some nutrients, plus the acid found in lemons helps you get rid of toxins. Sandalwood, lavender and rose essentials oils go perfectly with this bath.

The Bentonite clay is known to draw toxins out of your body really quickly by largely opening your pores. Sit in the bathtub for 20 minutes. Do not wait any longer, or you will experience dehydration, nausea and other worse symptoms, due to a stressful detox. This clay helps by providing a gentle detox, and staying for too long can lead to harsh symptoms.

If you suffer from a chronic illness or a weak immune system, stay in the water for only 10 minutes. After you are done with the clay bath, shower to remove all the remained clay. You can fill the bathtub and go all in, but for the time being, a foot bath should do the trick. The water will get dirty and black due to the fact that this clay bath removes the toxins out of your body to the point where you can actually see them floating around.

Make sure you have a clock nearby, so you know exactly how long you have been staying in there. Safety always comes first.

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