Miraculous Tincture for Rheumatic and Intercostal Pain: Lily, Burdock and Chili Pepper

This tincture is extremely efficient in treating back pain, muscle pain (including those caused by cold or flu), joint pain, headaches and intercostal pain. Let’s see how you can prepare it.

Miraculous Tincture for Rheumatic and Intercostal Pain: Lily, Burdock and Chili Pepper

Tincture for Rheumatic Pain and Cricks – Recipe

For this type of tincture, you will need the following ingredients:

– 1 kilogram of lily

– 3 – 4 burdock leaves

– 20 chili peppers

– 1 liter 90° alcohol


The lily flowers are usually harvested during spring. You can chop them and soak them in alcohol to keep them through the winter. If you have fresh flowers, chop them together with the chili pepper and the burdock leaves and put them in a large glass jar. Pour the alcohol over the mixture and tie the jar with a plastics foil and a string. It’s extremely important to tie the jar tightly so as to prevent the evaporation of the alcohol. Leave the ingredients soak for about 30 days and after that you can use it.


After the 30 days have passed, you can put some of the tincture in a small glass bottle so as to utilize it externally. Keep in mind that you must not strain the mixture, just use it as it is. Apply the tincture on the affected area and rub gently. Continue with the massage for about 20 minutes. After that, you can use an antirheumatic cream or ointment to apply on that area. You must usually use the tincture in the evening, before going to bed, but you can also make use of it whenever you have unbearable pain.

Once the first bottle has finished, you can fill it again with the tincture from the jar and so on. As time goes by, the product will soak even more and will become more and more powerful and beneficial for your pain and condition.

When you use the tincture, you must be very careful to avoid the contact with the eyes and the face because the chili pepper in this product can cause allergies or serious irritations. Wash your hands thoroughly after utilizing the tincture.

If you suffer from frequent pains, then this tincture must not miss from your home. As you can see, it’s easy to prepare, so it won’t even take you long to make it. After a few minutes of preparation and a month of soaking, you can obtain one of the most powerful and efficient remedies against pain of all kinds.

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