Miraculous Elixir – Regulates High Blood Pressure, Detoxes Liver, and Prevents Cancer

A few doctors in Lugansk and Kiev have discovered this fantastic remedy that we call elixir of health. It has been proven to be genuinely effective in treating various ailments.

elixir for your health

In Russian folk medicine, this healing method is recognized as the most efficient alternative treatment for hypertension and regulating blood sugar.

What’s more, this remedy is excellent at fighting and preventing liver disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension and even cancer. As it thoroughly cleanses the kidneys, it ensures optimal kidney function. That gets us to the question – what do you need to prepare this health elixir? Here’s the list of ingredients.

  • 700g beets
  • 200g sugar
  • 100g raisins
  • 2 tbsp. flour

If you have a three-liter glass jar around the kitchen or, alternatively a clay bowl, you may use either one for combining the given ingredients.



Let’s move on to preparing the remedy now. After having washed the beets in plenty of water, chop them into small pieces. Place them in the recipient you’re using and add the flour and sugar. Next, pour purified, cold water on the ingredients. After stirring everything nicely, seal the jar. You may also cover it with double gauze. For about 6-7 days, store the remedy in a warm setting, ensuring optimal fermentation environment.

Stirring the content once or twice a day is recommended. In the case in which you notice foam at the surface, you should remove it. After a week has passed, strain the remedy with a gauze and, voila – you may start using your health elixir! Store the treatment at low temperature, in the fridge.

How often should you take it? Normally, before each meal you should have 3-4 tablespoons, which would be three times a day.

Once you finished the dose, the initial detox phase is over, and you should have a three-month break. Afterward, you may repeat the whole thing. In a year’s time, this remedy should have cleansed your liver of waste and toxins.

If you observe small stones during your detox, rest assured, that’s normal. This remedy is a miracle worker for your liver and kidneys.


It’s true that this elixir consists of all natural ingredients. Even so, some problems might occur in some situations. On that account, people suffering from gout, GI tract problems, or kidney malfunction shouldn’t consider this treatment. Simultaneously, in the case of other aforementioned conditions, consulting with your doctor before starting the treatment is a must. Also, if you have low blood pressure, you should find out that the remedy might lower it further, so it isn’t recommended for you.

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