Marigold Wine – How to Prepare It and the Diseases It Can Cure

Therapeutical marigold (Calendula Officinalis) wine is a true health elixir. It is considered medicine and it should not, in any way, be confused with regular, commercial wine.


If consumed in the right doses, marigold wine could prove to be an excellent treatment against diseases which are difficult to cure through conventional methods.

Therapeutical marigold wine

How to prepare it

Take 1 liter of natural white wine and mix it with 50 grams of ground, dry marigold flowers. Give it 10 days to soak, but don’t forget to shake it 2 times a day.

After 10 days, filter the wine without removing the residuals, then allow it 6 more days to decant, while separating the clean part from the residuals on the bottom of the container. Add one more liter of white wine, no more, no less. It’s usually recommended to be kept in 200-250 ml flasks.

If the wine in question has a concentration of alcohol higher than 11 degrees, the product is set to expire in about one year, if kept at room temperature. If it’s less than 11 degrees, the medicinal wine must be stored in the fridge.

Mode of consumption

Usually, it’s recommended to consume 3 tablespoons, twice a day after every meal for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

Marigold wine is effective especially against:

  • Digestive problems: gastritis, indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea
  • Graveyard cough
  • Urinary affections
  • Reduces the lipids (fat) from the blood
  • Unbalanced menstrual cycle – especially helpful to women who suffer from anemia and those with an unbalanced menstrual cycle (the treatment should be applied five days before and throughout the duration of the menstrual cycle)
  • Allergies – hives, pruritus, erythema
  • Affections to the anus and rectum – hemorrhoids, anal fissures
  • Seasonal ocular allergies – provoked by various factors such as pollen and plant matter; as a preventive measure, use it as a complementary treatment in combination with the drugs recommended by your doctor


If consumed in the recommended doses, marigold wine does not affect the liver and other organs, even after a longer period of usage.

It’s not recommended to drivers or people with an intolerance to alcohol.

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