Make a Toxic-Free Essential Oil Perfume with Coconut Oil

Who doesn’t like putting on some perfume before they go about their daily business? Perfumes come in many shapes and styles, from the cheap ones you find at the supermarket to the expensive ones you find on luxury brand websites. Perfume makes us smell better, so it also makes us feel better about ourselves.

diy perfume

How Safe is Perfume?

While perfumes on the market may smell really nice, they are packed with all kinds of toxic substances. Styrene, for example, has been used in many beauty products as an essential ingredient, regardless of the fact that it was labeled a human carcinogen. Plus, companies that make perfume are not obligated to disclose any chemicals they say give the nice smell. So they can conveniently omit to mention those substances on the ingredients list.

Studies done recently show that about 14 chemicals aren’t usually listed in some of the most popular perfumes, some of them even being connected to asthma, allergies, headache, and even cancer. While you may have an idea about what’s in your beauty product, with perfume, you can’t be sure.

Do-It-Yourself Essential Oil Perfume

Creating your own unique perfume means to experiment and have some fun. While it’s mostly recommended to limit yourself at just 3 essential oils, you can still mix up as much as you want to get your desired scent. Remember to cover your working area with towels, so that the scent won’t impregnate. Also, you ought to keep the room ventilated. To decide on the essential oil combinations, use coffee filter paper in which you drip a small amount of essential oil. Those will be your “test strings.” Put them together and see which combination suits you  the most.

These are the ingredients you will need to make this essential oil perfume:

  • 3 essential oils of your preference
  • Coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp vodka
  • Eye droppers
  • Glass sealable container to store your perfume in
  • Test strips made from coffee filter paper

Now that you have the ingredients down, here is how you put your perfume together.

  1. Take the container and add 2 drops each of two essential oils (those will be your base)
  2. Mix the oils with an eye dropper after which you clean the dropper with some vodka. For the 3rd essential oil, dip one of the test strips and see if you like how it smells.
  3. Add a drop at a time and adjust however you want, repeating the previous process until you get the result you want.
  4. After you seal the container, let it sit for about two weeks.
  5. Start with adding a tablespoon of coconut oil and make your way up. It will act as a carrier, and it will make the perfume be less strong.

There are many combinations you can use. You can go for ones such as jasmine and vanilla, or for rose, tangerine, and orange blossom. Just have fun and make your own brand perfume!

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