Make a Medicinal Wine for Your Stomach that Cures Bloating, Cramps, and Indigestion

You’ve probably been there more than you want to admit. You ate so much good stuff at your last meal that your stomach can’t seem to handle it. You end up with cramps, bloating and stomach aches. “I wish I didn’t eat so much,” becomes the only thing you can think about. Well, this remedy plans to cure all these problems, so it’s never a bad idea to have it stored in your cupboard.

medicinal wine for stomach

A Wine that Relieves the Stomach

Angelica is a remedy that’s well known for treating bloating and stomach cramps. This plant is used for its ability to stimulate your digestion, as it has tonic and carminative effects. It helps calm down your stomach symptoms and bring your digestion back on track.

Dandelions are also beneficial for your digestive system, as well as your liver and your bile. Dandelions stimulate the bile production, thus enabling your body to eliminate the toxins and strengthen your immune system.

Dandelions can stimulate the appetite and relieve any symptoms like bloating or an upset stomach. The roots are also slightly laxative, so this can improve digestion. Studies show that this plant can be used to treat hepatic conditions, as well as bile and diabetes (due to the regulatory effect of the blood sugar, and the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides).

So where do you find this wine that will be tasty, classy and healthy at the same time?

Make Your Own Stomach-Healing Wine

The answer for that is pretty simple: you make it. Sure, you can go to a store or buy it online, but doesn’t it feel better to know what’s in your drink? By preparing it yourself, you’ll know for certain that there are no artificial additives and that your wine will be 100% natural. Here’s how you do it. You will need:

  • 2 dandelion roots
  • 2 angelica roots
  • 2 tablespoons of wormwood leaf
  • 1 cinnamon bar
  • 1L natural red wine

Now that you have all the ingredients down, you can go ahead and prepare the wine. Remember that all of the plants need to be fresh in order to reap all the benefits. You pick up the angelica root while wearing gloves because it can contain substances that can cause allergic reactions on the skin level. By taking all the precautions, you will ensure that both you and the plant are protected.

The roots will be peeled and washed, and afterwards, they will be chopped and placed in a glass jar. You can then wash the wormwood leaves again and finely chop them as well. Add them in a jar along with the cinnamon bar and pour the red wine over the ingredients. Close the lid and let it macerate for about 2 weeks, shaking the jar every day.

After it’s done macerating, you filter the wine and remove the plants. You may administer it as a medicinal wine, drinking a small glass (30-40mL) when needed. After the consumption of angelica, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

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