Make Your Own Laxative Out of Orange Peels

Some fruit or vegetable peels are really rich in nutrients. The intense colors you can see on them make you aware of the fact that their peels are really rich in pigments with antioxidant effects, which are most definitely beneficial for your health.

laxative with orange peels

Aside from being loaded with antioxidants, fruit and vegetable peels are also rich in fiber, which is extremely important for the digestive system, having a good role in the prevention of constipation. Apple peels are known to be a good source of pectins, a kind of soluble fiber which helps to prevent high cholesterol, lowering it, and also helps control the sugar levels in your blood.

Pectins are also found in citrus fruits, especially in their peels. These heighten the volume of your stool and help eliminate it more efficiently. Also, besides the fact that it reduces the cholesterol absorption from the ingested foods, pectins also help in eliminating heavy metals from your body.

Oranges can be the best laxative for a lazy digestive tract

There are many books written on the benefits of citrus fruits, including oranges. Some of these books even contain homemade remedies that you can prepare at home. There is one particular simple, yet efficient recipe which helps in the fight against constipation, the recipe being based on orange peels. These fruits have stomachic properties (meaning that they help with the digestion), depurative effects and are also mild laxatives. These effects can be found in the pulp as well, but it’s highly concentrated on the peels.

Orange peels also have tonic effects, hepatoprotective and also choleric, stimulating the liver’s bile secretions. Just like lemons, they are all a fountain of health for everyone in need.

Oranges are extremely beneficial for your digestive system, being mostly used in conditions that include dyspepsia and flatulence. Regular doses of this natural laxative help you in the development of a healthier digestive tract.

How do you make this natural laxative?

It is fairly simple to make this recipe, considering that it is not a lengthy process and you don’t have to use a lot of ingredients. Here is how you get it done. You will need:

  • 2 oranges
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Slotted spoon
  • Medium pot


In order to make this laxative, you need to peel the oranges, and use only the peels. Pour water into the pot, and let the peels boil for about half an hour before throwing the water. Afterward, boil the peels once more into the sweetened water. You will need to use about 200g of sugar for 1L of water. Remove the peels from the water with the slotted spoon and let them cool on a plate. They are to be consumed the next day when the peels are already dry.

Another great remedy for a lazy digestive tract is a glass of warm water in which you have added a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The drink is to be consumed every morning on an empty stomach, and you will most definitely stop experiencing transit problems.

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