Magical Recipe to Prevent Hair Fall

One of the biggest problems women have is the excessive hair fall. This article is not about the hair fall causes, but about presenting a tested and successful natural recipe that can stimulate the regeneration of the hair and the hair growth. Compared with the classical treatments, the natural remedies are not only cheap, but also efficient and with no side effects.


Hair Fall Prevention – Recipe

This recipe against hair fall is extremely popular and often it is said to be almost miraculous.


– 20 ml castor oil

– 20 ml kerosene

– 20 ml brandy


Pour the castor oil in a large bottle and add an equal quantity of kerosene and brandy (you can also use rum or 60 – 70 degrees alcohol). Cover with a lid and stir it well to mix all the ingredients. You will obtain a milk-like solution.

How to Apply It

Apply the treatment on the clean hair. Thus, after washing the hair with your regular shampoo and drying it, you can apply the solution. Soak a cotton ball in the solution (make sure to stir it well before using it) and eliminate the solution in excess. Rub the hair roots and the scalp with that cotton ball until you cover the entire surface of the head. At the end, comb the hair and if you think it’s oily, wash it and repeat the application. Always make sure to wring the cotton ball to not allow the hair to become oily.

Other important pieces of advice for those dealing with abundant hair fall are:

– Wash your hair less often, every 1 – 2 weeks.

– Avoid stress and excessive fatigue.

– Drink more liquids.

– Consume more fruits and vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins (zinc, iron, magnesium, B-complex vitamins) such as beer yeast, bee pollen, seabuckthorn, egg yolk, green vegetables, walnuts, seeds and olive oil.

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3 commments

  1. 20 ml of gas? Someone clarify this please. Thank you.

  2. Ha! I’m not using gas anywhere on my body…that sounds crazy. :-p
    However, castor oil does work for hair. I’ve been using it for two months. I mix it with coconut oil and put it on my hair and scalp as a treatment. I also put some in my bottle of conditioner. 🙂

  3. Lol!! Gas?! Somebody bumped their head and wrote this article.
    Tea tree oil works great, btw.

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