Low Blood Sugar and Hypoglycemia


Although hypoglycemia is a confusing, complicated, and often misunderstood condition, it IS a very real disease. So, if you think you may have it, it’s important that you set asidDETERMINE IF HYPOGLYCEMIAe any fears that you’re nothing more than a hypochondriac. Hypoglycemia IS real and there IS hope.

However, the symptoms of hypoglycemia can also be caused by a number of other diseases. Here are just a few of the symptoms:

— Chronic fatigue
— Clumsiness
— Dizziness
— Drowsiness
— Pain in joints & muscles
— Racing heart
— Sweating
— Shakiness
— Mood swings

The fact that you may have some or all of these symptoms from time to time does not mean you definitely have hypoglycemia. But if you have quite a few of them on an ongoing basis or regularly within 5 hours after meals, then it’s definitely time to talk with your doctor. As you well know, having these types of symptoms–day in and day out–is NO FUN. So, you’ll want to do something about it as soon as you can.

It’s important to advocate for yourself by talking with your doctor. Your next email from us will tell you more about how to find out if you really do have hypoglycemia.

Next article will cover signs of Hypoglycemia.

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