Knowing your diabetes numbers

Knowing your blood sugar number is important so that you can act according to the condition.

There are basically two major different tests to acurately find out your blood glucose, A1C and Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG). The difference of this two tests is A1C test is aim to reflect average blood glucose level measured over the period of last 3 months and the SMBG is to measure the blood glucose level at the time of test. A1C test is the better way to monitor long term overall average blood glucose level. Hence, A1C is more common way to test our blood glucose number.


What is A1C test?

A1C test was previously known as hemoglobin A1c blood test. You can do this test at home also with home A1C test kit. You do not need to be fasting to do the test.

During A1C test, a small blood sample will be taken to check A1C.

A1C test is the number one test for your health care provider to know how well the plan of treatment is working effectively over the period. The higher the level of the measured A1C number actually means there is a higher amount of glucose level in the blood. Below is the table of A1C numbers and what it means:

The A1C target is less than 7. If the A1C number is 6 or less it is normal. However, if the A1C number is 7 or more, then, there must be action to be taken to reduce the blood glucose level back to normal.

So, by knowing your blood glucose number will help you to understand what is your health condition and is there any impact of your daily life style to your health recently. If there is, then, you must start changing your life style. You can get advice from doctor or health consultant on how to reduce your blood glucose level. Then, you can check again your blood sugar number to examine if the diabetes management solution is working positively for you or not, or if you need to adjust it.

Hence, it is advised for you to visit doctor for a blood glucose test from time to time or do it at home with home A1C test yourself to monitor your blood glucose level. Last but not least, the root solution is still stick to a healthier life style to prevent from getting diabetes. Prevention is always the best medicine to any disease.

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