Kidney Infection: What It Is and How It Can Be Treated

Also known as pyelonephritis or renal infection, kidney infection is a type of urinary tract infection which affects not only the bladder and the lower urinary system (urethra), but also one or both kidneys and the ureters. How does it happen? Most usually, kidney infections appear as complications of the more frequent bladder infections. The bacteria that normally travels to the urethra and the bladder sometimes escapes the normal route and affects the kidney as well.

kidney infection

This, of course, is something to be avoided because it can lead to extremely dangerous conditions. One of these is blood infection or irreversible kidney damage. This is why we need to be careful and go to a doctor as soon as we experience one of the symptoms:

  • Acute back pain
  • Vomiting, nausea, fever
  • A general state of weakness
  • Increased frequency in urinating
  • Pain and/or blood when urinating
  • A foul-smelling urine

The symptoms can vary according to the specific medical condition of each and every person. But, in general, if you experience any longer-lasting modification in the normal way in which your body functions, you should get professionally examined. However, there are certain categories of people that are more likely to experience kidney infections:

  • Males with prostatitis or infection of the prostate gland
  • Sexually active females or males that perform anal sex (during sexual activity is when bacteria can get to your urinary tract)
  • Pregnant women
  • Persons suffering from other kidney conditions (kidney stones or chronic constipation) that can increase the risk for infections
  • Persons with generally weak immune systems or with congenital abnormalities of the system

Kidney infection can be easily diagnosed through a series of examinations and analyses like kidney ultrasound, urine and blood culture, urinalysis, CT scan and analysis of your medical history record. The treatment with antibiotics can be long lasting, but it is always essential.

There are also some home remedies that are known to be effective in the fight against kidney infection, but which are also good for your kidney health in general:

  • Herbal teas (chamomile, marshmallow, parsley, goldenrod, etc.) improve the condition and the general activity of your kidneys. Drink them regularly (once or twice a day) and the risk of developing kidney infections is tremendously diminished.
  • A drink made of baking soda and water. A quantity of one tbsp. of baking soda mixed with one glass of water is considered to treat an already existing infection and to prevent the formation of a new one.
  • A mixture of honey (1 tbsp.) with apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp.). Taken every day, this mixture can treat already existing infections.
  • Aloe Vera and Cranberry juices. These two ingredients are a powerful weapon against infections in general. Although they are known for being more efficient for prevention than for treatment, these juices should never miss from your menu if you have been diagnosed with kidney infection.
  • The necessary Vitamin C dose. This can be taken from supplements or directly from the natural source. Not only that it will help your organism fight this infection, but it will also give a boost to your immune system.

These methods are known as the most efficient home remedies against this condition, but there are many other natural treatments that you can try. However, it is of vital importance to use them only in addition to the antibiotic-based treatment. Also, you should always ask your physician for permission to consume them in your condition.

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